Legacy Writing 365:272

Tom and I were recalling one of the houses we rented in Houston that had glass panes the full length of one side of the front door. I think there was a curtain there when we moved in, but we didn’t like the curtain and took it down. That meant anyone who walked up to our front door could see inside the house, and we didn’t like that, either. Finally, in my crafty way, I used one of Tom’s mother’s stained glass pattern books to create the Poor Chick’s Stained Glass. I cut and painted heavy plastic panels to stick on those windows. Of course, there was glitter.

The odd thing was, they didn’t look too bad when the sunlight shone through them. And they did give us the privacy we wanted.

The odder thing is, I just found them in the bottom of a drawer. I don’t know why I kept them: sentimental reasons, I guess.


14 thoughts on “Legacy Writing 365:272”

            1. Try not to think of it as an illusion shattered but as artists from the past getting long overdue recognition.

              At least Tiffany had approval over it all!

  1. I did that to the sky light by our front door for the same reason, except I used that stuff that you put right on the glass out of the bottle and will peel off when you’re ready for a change.

    1. I had some paint that was allegedly for glass, but it looked like crap when I tried it. Those were my early days of being what my friend John called “Craft Queen of the Cul-de-sac.”™

    1. Thanks. I’d better not block the dogs’ view of the water-thieving squirrels on the front porch, the occasional wandering cat, or the geckos. They’d never forgive me.

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