Legacy Writing 365:242

A few weeks ago I knocked my iPhone off my desk. The phone was fine, but a corner of the protective cover broke off and immediately began trying to shred my fingers when I held the phone. Which I do a lot, not because I’m talking on the phone–you know I’m not a phone person–but I do text (not while driving!), and I love playing Words With Friends, Draw Something, and Hanging With Friends. Lindsey and I are still tied for the worst Pegasus renditions ever in Draw Something.

One day Tim and Hanley picked me up to go phone case shopping. I was so blinded by sunlight that I barely got this crappy shot with my phone–and totally managed not to get the Apple logo in the picture.

Every trip to an Apple store is an adventure, and this was my first time to visit the one in Highland Village (I’ve only been to the Galleria store in the past). Do Apple employees love their jobs? Because they’re always so happy and friendly. They were also super nice to Hanley, who helped me look over all the selections and invariably went for something in pink or purple. Unfortunately, there wasn’t anything there I loved except a Kate Spade case that was too pricey.

Then we went to Target, where I’d gotten my original iPhone cover for a great price, but there was nothing similar in stock. Since I couldn’t find what I wanted locally, I ordered the one I really wanted in the first place after seeing it in my Barbie Collector catalog. I’m sorry if anyone working in some warehouse in substandard conditions had to retrieve it for me. If it helps, I’m very happy with its retro illustration. Thank you.

Below are my vintage doll-and-fashion cases that the phone cover evokes.

This 1961 case is from the neighbor who gave me my first Barbies–her entire collection of dolls, clothes, accessories, and this case. I think it’s sad that there’s not a single picture of me playing with the dolls as a child, because it was such a kind and generous gift that gave me countless hours of happiness. This case is currently storing doll accessories from several decades.

This is Lynne’s doll case, manufactured in 1962. This is where Barbie’s bridal fashions and accessories are stored.

My mother also gave me a generic doll case for storage. It’s mostly empty right now–though my Mary Poppins doll’s fashion and accessories are in the drawers. I did find a pair of Barbie retro sunglasses inside it that I’d been looking for.

Another in the non-Mattel department is my Penny Brite case manufactured in 1964. I’m not showing you the inside, because all the dolls are there, and your fear of a gathering of Penny Brite dolls has already been documented.


20 thoughts on “Legacy Writing 365:242”

  1. Love, love, love the vintage doll cases. Paul and I found the same black case pictured here in a vintage store in upstate NY. I thought of you, immediately.

    1. I was talking more about the Barbie than the phone–she looks like Barbies in the early booklets that used to come with Mattel fashions–I wish I still had those books, but I digress. If you’re still using a phone with a dial, you’re retro cool.

  2. Your phone case is awesome! I really like it.
    And your doll cases are fabulous.

    (Apologies for my absence. Some days are like that. Even in Australia.)

  3. saw a Sinatra Barbie yesterday but was rushed out of the store before I could take a picture and send to you. Do you have her?

  4. Love the new Barbie case. I cracked a piece off of my phone case, too. But I’m hoping I can put up with it for a couple of more months. I’m due for a phone upgrade in October and the new iPhone may be out by then. Or not. In which case I may get a Barbie case too.

    1. It was tough for me to decide. Ultimately, I went with the one that looked the most like the early Barbie AND had a phone on it. The one with the shoes I really liked, and it’s probably why I was drawn to this Kate Spade cover at the Apple store:

    1. I loved Gidget! And “The Patty Duke Show.” I probably didn’t understand half of what I was seeing, but having older siblings at least meant those shows were on our one B&W TV.

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