Legacy Writing 365:230

It’s hard to believe Amy and Richard’s son Jonathan is ten years old today. I remember when Tom and I went to meet him as a newborn in the hospital. This photo was taken at their house when Jonathan was less than a month old. Happy birthday, Jonathan!

We don’t get to see them much, but that’s understandable. Even though we live only about twenty miles apart, they are busy with the millions of things raising four boys entails. I know that two of the qualities that make Amy such a great friend–her ability to listen, to really hear what someone is saying, and her knack for building people up, for recognizing and verbalizing their best qualities–make her a great mother. She’s doing exactly what she should be doing, and I admire her and Richard for the enthusiasm and thought they put into their family.

You may not be able to see it in this not-so-great photo, but on the wall behind Amy and Richard is a picture of their oldest son Bryce with Rex. They were the family that brought Rex through his earliest years before he came to The Compound to be Tim’s best friend.


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