The world of plastic can be treacherous

Excuse me for a moment while I wallow in self-pity because of this.

Over the years, I’ve shown nothing but love for Mattel, Project Runway, and Tim Gunn. For no compensation–other than wonderful gifts from friends and blog readers–I’ve done every challenge and presented a final collection for five–now beginning my sixth–season. When other people said, “I don’t like Project Runway since it moved to Lifetime,” or “I’m over Project Runway,” or “I’m not watching again because I didn’t like this season’s winner,” or “All Stars sucks!”, I kept plugging along, stabbing my fingers with pins and needles, burning myself with the hot glue gun, sometimes sewing into the night until my eyes were crossing. Did I receive big cash prices or a car for my efforts? An HP TouchSmart or EliteBook? Even a crumb of recognition from the corporate entities for whom I’ve been a goodwill shill?

I did not.

Now Tim Gunn has designed for a line of Barbies, including accessory packs, and it’s as if the concept is ALL NEW. All over the Internet people are dazzled and full of praise. It’s NOT NEW. For example, PR’s Nick Verreos designed two looks for MyScene Barbie, one of those a challenge in Season Two (you can buy that doll right now online for around $195.00). That challenge was an exciting one for the contestants because they knew in the past Mattel has teamed up with dozens of designers including Diane von F├╝rstenberg (doll available for $135.00), Badgley Mischka (doll available for $181.00), Vera Wang (dolls available from $90.00 to $470), Anna Sui (doll available for $168.00), Juicy Couture (set available for $155.00), and Christian Louboutin (dolls available from $83.00 to $299.00).

Fortunately for everyone who thinks this is the best and greatest idea ever, Tim Gunn’s dolls are reasonably priced. Unfortunately, they, too, will be snapped up by resellers who’ll gouge consumers and collectors for whatever the market will bear.

I’ll still be here in my lonely garret designing and sewing. But I refuse to gush about this Tim Gunn project. Although….I’m pretty sure I can be bought if Mattel or Project Runway wants to open their pocketbooks. Perhaps they could offer me a vintage red truck!


4 thoughts on “The world of plastic can be treacherous”

  1. Quick! Give her the red truck, because Project Runway has seen no fury like a designing Aries scorned!
    Saw episode 1 and 2 on Thursday … I had to call my cable company to find out what channel number Lifetime is assigned.

    1. Ha. I’m sure this will work! Just like all my other pleas for free stuff have worked. That’s why I have that Fiat in the driveway. And, uh, whatever other free stuff I’ve begged for. (Though I HAVE received Bar-B-Q Fritos, haven’t I? Just not from Frito-Lay.)

      Seriously, there are bloggers who are all about the free stuff and payoffs and ads and sponsorships. I’ve never had a paid endorsement. If I name a product, I buy and use it. Or in the case of my sewing machine, it was bought by Lynne.

      How long were you on hold at your cable company?

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