30 Days of Creativity 2012: Day 28

Today’s theme from 30 Days of Creativity is “Notebook.”

The Ram directs a scene from the movie The Rum Diary. He actually thought of renaming the film The Ram Diary, but out of deference to Hunter S. Thompson and Johnny Depp, he restrained himself. And though you can’t really see them, Kemp and Chenault are wearing vintage clothes from the period of the film’s setting. Viva la fashion!

Other Day 28 creations can be seen here.

With thanks to Lisa S for the car, and to Tom for moving bins around until he found it for me.


9 thoughts on “30 Days of Creativity 2012: Day 28”

  1. good move Ram, always defer to the Depp. Let’s all take a moment and contemplate his beauty and his talent … I will take several

  2. The Ram treads where few directors would go! But alas, yet another film I didn’t see. But I don’t feel bad though, because only a third of the people who saw the film said they liked it.

    1. The Ram is FEARLESS.

      I watched the film for two reasons. Because I very much appreciated the crazy bastard who was Hunter S. Thompson and because I wanted to see if I could find a scene to re-create. I did not want to depend on The Notebook, which I’ve never seen and which seemed too predictable.

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