Feel better

Poor Lynne was supposed to be part of this photo. She was even here but had started feeling progressively worse at work today and decided it was better to go home than take a chance at getting us sick. At least we sent her home with a cupcake. I hope you feel better soon, Lynne! Kathy, Tim, Tom, and I had a great night talking and stuffing our faces with cake after getting food from Barnaby’s, who gave 33 percent of their day’s food sales to AIDS Foundation Houston as part of Dining Out For Life. From that site: In 2010 with the help of great Houston restaurants, AFH raised $43,000 in support for their programs and services such as housing, case management, and food assistance for nearly 5,000 HIV+ men, women, and children.

Good food and good work? Who could say no to that? Thank you Barnaby’s and all restaurants nationwide who do so much for their AIDS/HIV-impacted communities. And it’s fitting that this year’s event fell on the day we celebrate Steve R’s birthday. AIDS took him from his friends and family too soon, but his love of celebration–and chocolate–still brings us together.


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  1. Yay for Barnaby’s. Cary & I did Dine Out for Life Tuesday in Nashville. I drove down after classes than afternoon and we went to Nuvo Buritto. They donated 50% and we discovereed a great new restaurant. Happy Birthday to Steve!

    1. Did you get some medicine to make you feel better? You were missed! OH! That reminds me. I have new music to hear. Thank you. =)

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