100 Happy Days: 87 (a/k/a Snoopy Saturday!)

For as far back as I can remember actually talking to people and not hiding behind one parent or another or on the other side of the locked door of my bedroom from invaders who might destroy my toys or read my diary, I liked to ask random questions as a way to gain insight into people. (I’ve also always been a fan of run-on sentences.) In the days before I thinned my Facebook herd (Nora’s term for it), thereby turning it into the place where I basically just link to this blog or stalk my family, this was my favorite thing to do there in my status updates. For example, I might say:

Donald Duck or Daffy Duck?


John, Paul, George, or Ringo?


Dynasty or Dallas?

Questions that mean nothing to anyone under thirty forty, but you get the idea.

The other night while Tom and I were out running errands, I spotted this at Barnes & Noble and bought it. It’s a box of 156 cards (it’s true; I counted them), each containing a question “guaranteed to spark an instant conversation!” While I have lots more readers of this blog than I did when I was on LiveJournal, I have fewer commenters. Maybe y’all are shy the way Wee Becky was. So today I’m beginning “Snoopy Saturdays.” Please use my comments here to answer my Saturday question. Because that will make me happy.