This is Freida. You’ll see a few more photos of her before she leaves for Colorado on Thursday. Freida is terrified of noisy places, crates, and cages, so she was really happy that Flint made his trip to Colorado last week so she could have a place to be her happy self for a few days at Houndstooth Hall before she travels, too. She has been SO MUCH FUN, playing with Anime and Lynne’s dogs Minute and Paco. She’s a really good girl, and thanks to a transporter, she got her ride out of BARC so we could foster her just hours before she was scheduled to be euthanized.

Freida reminds me of why so many people are working tirelessly to improve the save rate of Houston’s homeless pets. She also reminds me that I need to say thank you because at this moment, I’m at 101% of my fundraising goal for the 2015 Savings Pets Challenge. The challenge continues until Friday, June 5th at 1:59:59 pm ET, and you can still donate to my fundraising page here. Believe me when I say that ANY amount is welcome, so don’t feel shy if you want to give five dollars or five thousand (heh!). (Freida says $5 buys FOOD and she LOVES FOOD!)

Help a fundraiser out

I never do these things because I’m convinced that I will raise zero dollars. But how can I not at least try to help this organization that has saved around 7000 who have no voice?

Well, FLINT has a voice, trust me, but he mostly uses it to say, “Let me in!” “Let me out!” “Let me eat!” “Let me eat more!” “Play with me!” Even though he’s loud and persistent, thanks to Rescued Pets Movement, his voice wasn’t silenced forever a couple of weeks ago.

So I joined the team of fundraisers to try to make sure there are more Flints, more of all the dogs it’s been my pleasure to foster, and another 7000 dogs and cats, too.

Is that worth $5 to you? $10? Matching my starting donation of $50? I can promise you, NO AMOUNT IS TOO SMALL. I’ve seen what RPM can turn even five dollars into. It looks like a LOT of this.

You can donate to my fundraising page by clicking right here. Thank you!

Photo Friday, No. 445

Current Photo Friday theme: Moving

Last week on the day of Rescued Pets Movement’s ribbon cutting for their new clinic, we received an early visit from Clutch the bear, the Houston Rockets’ mascot. He was SO MUCH FUN! Along with his other antics, he danced with Tim. I love this organization, my job, Clutch, and the Rockets. More than 6600 dogs’ and cats’ lives have been saved thanks to the efforts of so many supporters–that is mind-boggling. This movement is helping rewrite the story for Houston’s homeless pet population.

Button Sunday

No matter where you live, there are always dogs and cats who need homes. Rescued pets are awesome. You know who agrees?

Toota and Chap, siblings who not only received their freedom rides from BARC today from Tom and me, but will be staying with us until they travel to Colorado. They’ve already had baths, dinner, and a good snooze with their new friends Margot, Guinness, and Anime.

I challenge all my Houston friends to foster for RPM by filling out an application here. Dogs, cats, puppies, kittens, in every size and age and breed you can imagine. They have rescuers, fosters, and adopters just waiting for them to arrive in Colorado so they can find forever homes. But they can’t get there if we can’t get them out of BARC first. Some foster commitments are for as little as two days. Most are between one to three weeks. Occasionally for medical cases, the commitment can be longer. But you decide what you’re able to do, and RPM provides what you need to take care of your foster.

RPM’s fantastic fosters constantly inspire me with the compassion and care they show toward the dogs and cats in our program. It’s just that so many more are needed so we can continue to make a difference–the way we already have to more than 5000 dogs and cats!