Barney the dog has the most personality of anyone in the White House, and they use him to good effect. His movies at are the only thing the White House has given me to smile about since January of 2001.



I hate it when I have to delete several pages I’ve written because they just didn’t go where I hoped they would.

Time and page constraints… two evil phantoms when I’m trying to let the characters take the story. But I don’t have months to go on journeys with them or the freedom to submit a manuscript of endless pages…


So anyway…

….I may eventually even get the hang of this.

If anyone reading this ever goes to bookstores, and you see an author sitting all alone at a table waiting to sign books, just buy one. So what if it’s “Favorite Midwestern Recipes Using Jello?” An autographed book always makes a nice gift for your Aunt Hazel or someone.

It’s very hard to be an author sitting all alone at a table. That’s why I have writing partners.


My First Post

What’s THE DEAL? It’s a novel. By Timothy J. Lambert and Becky Cochrane. But that’s not what I meant.

What’s the deal? Why am I writing a live journal? Simple. Just one more way I want to be like that writing partner of mine.

Except that I’m supposed to be w-r-i-t-i-n-g. And not an online journal.