Kraft and the Gay Games

Lately my e-mailbox is full of messages from various organizations asking me to react to some heinous new effort by the intolerant or unjust to further screw up the planet in one way or another. Politically correct overload!

But then… I hear—via Towleroad in this case–of a company that gets targeted for doing a good thing:
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A year, already??

So, The Deal is one year old this month.

I can’t believe twelve months have passed since its release. And then I remember writing two books since then and it seems like a decade.

And even though it’s a year old, it still gives us a little surprise now and then. Mail from a new reader. Possible future plans for it.

Thank you, Timothy J. Lambert, for being such a great writing partner.

And now, looking forward to September.



It was my intention to get a full night’s sleep tonight. I went to bed at (for me) a decent hour. And was awakened two hours later by a nightmare.

I hate that.


How To Start A Novel (Not)

1. Write a short story. Three months later, if the characters are still with you, decide to write a novel proposal for your editor.

2. Spend all your time on a different novel proposal for a different editor to give No. 1 more time to germinate.

3. Submit what you’ve done in No. 2 so you can have a higher level of anxiety as you get back to No. 1.

4. Now that you’ve worked yourself into a state of finger-freezing fear, come up with an excellent first sentence for Novel No. 1 in your head.

5. Get a migraine headache for three days that requires large doses of painkillers. You can be sure that you will dream whole passages of Novel No. 1 in between clutching your head, cursing your hormones, and having strange dreams about Rio sending the wrong e-mail to the wrong people.

6. Wake up without a migraine on Day 4. Water the flowers and plants in the front yard. Cook breakfast. Pay bills. Wander aimlessly through the house. Write comments in Famous Author Rob Byrnes’s blog. Update your Live Journal. Do anything but work on No. 1.


Hey, Rhonda!

Get yourself a belated birthday present on June 1, when you can buy the U.S. release of “And Tango Makes Three,” the story of two gay male penguins at Manhattan’s Central Park Zoo who get some help with their desire to have a family. (Authors: Peter Parnell and Justin Richardson)

Penguin love! =)


Private Entries

I just scrolled back through my Live Journal and made a bunch of entries “Friends” only. So if you’re one of those fabulous people from elsewhere (you know who you are, and so do I) and you think you may be missing out on something extraordinary that I’ve said, you’re probably not. But if you get your own Live Journal name and let me know (it’s free, after all!), I’ll add you to the “Friends” list.