Make good choices!

Tuesday Tom came in from work and told me a story. On one of the busy roads he drives, a car ahead of him was going excessively slow, so he finally passed it. When he did, he glanced over and saw that the driver was looking ahead, toward the road, but she was also holding up her phone in front of her face so that she could text.

People texting and driving has become as commonplace a sight in our neighborhood as sidewalks buckled by decades-old Live Oaks, people walking their dogs, and near-jungles of bougainvillea. Guess which one doesn’t belong?

I hadn’t done one of these in a while, so inspired by Tom, here’s a new one. The perils of texting have been on my mind lately because of two works I helped edit.

Put the phone down, people, and watch where you’re going, whether you’re in a car, on a bike, or on foot.


β€œThe ache for home lives in all of us. The safe place where we can go as we are and not be questioned.”
― Maya Angelou

I’ve thought so hard about how I could respond to a post ‘Nathan published yesterday. Finally I realized that all the words I could use, could arrange as artfully and persuasively and reasonably as my abilities would allow, already exist succinctly in the above quote. Who knows if she really said it; the Internet is full of trickery. Even if she didn’t, the words are no less true to me.

I was happy to welcome ‘Nathan and Dan into my home in 2010. I lost most of the photos I took during their visit in my computer meltdown, but a few that had already made it to my blog and to Flickr remain. I used one of them to draw this in my Fat ‘Lil Sketch Book–my first drawing of 2012. I love that they are looking at Barnett Newman’s Broken Obelisk outside Rothko Chapel. The sculpture found a home there after it was rejected by the city as a tribute to Martin Luther King Jr. following his assassination.

Sometimes the right thing is a long time coming. Sometimes there are people who block and circumvent and disparage the right thing. But when Tim and I were talking about this in a different context yesterday, I said it’s good to remember that every step toward justice and freedom and fairness is also taken by people. There will always be those among us who will march to the beat of what is best in us. Or maybe, in a less contentious image, will dance to the rhythm of what is best in us.

‘Nathan and Dan are my friends and will always be welcome and safe in my home. I want them to feel that way in theirs, and I want their home to expand to include…everywhere.

Because I love them.

Because it’s right.

30 Days of Creativity 2011, Day 19

A little late with Sunday’s submission, but since I shared a couple of drawings last year for 30 Days here and here, thought I’d attempt one of Penny, Tim’s Foster Dog, also known as Miss Funnypenny, Princess Penelope, Bess, Ethel, and Rhoda. This is from the “Fat Lil’ Sketch Book,” which is roughly 5.5×4 inches.

Penny’s sketch gets a little more detail because this is a first version. The more comfortable I get with the shapes that are uniquely hers, the better able I become to put only a few details and leave out all the rest.

This is a ball no other dog has any interest in, but Penny likes it and often “hides” it to play with later.

30 Days of Creativity: Day 16

For around ten thousand years, or at least since 2002, I’ve used this tiny sketch pad (approximately 5.5 x 4 inches) to make simple line drawings of things I see in Montrose or around The Compound. There really aren’t that many sketches in it because I keep forgetting I have it. Whenever I find it again, I’m always surprised by how much I enjoy looking back at the sketches and vow to do more of them.

Here’s the first new one I’ve done in two years:

For 30 Days of Creativity.


We’re having the best weather day in Houston. Cool, breezy, sunny. Supposedly we’re in for a brutal summer, so this is something to enjoy while it’s here. I’d love to be outside pruning my azaleas, but it’s also nice not to sneeze and want to claw out my itchy eyes, so…

The dogs of Green Acres are visiting for the weekend. Here, Minute and Sparky wander,
while Paco suns himself.

Last night, Margot and Guinness got baths and new, colorful collars, which you can almost see here.

In the random department, my friend Alan tweeted that today is DABD–or Draw A Bird Day. And Shawn tweeted that it’s also One Day Without Shoes, to raise awareness of the difference a pair of shoes can make in a kid’s life. I decided to combine the two days into my drawing.

Have a great day!