Throwback Thursday

There was a time in our twenties when Lynne, her sister Liz, and I were always ready to join a close group of friends and family in costuming ourselves for parties and home movies. One of those friends especially close to Lynne and Liz was Kathy C. She had the greatest sense of fun and approached every day with zest. I wish I had a photo of her in her Kermit the Frog disco costume. Since I don’t, here’s one from a Halloween party at Lynne’s.

Lynne shared the news with me today that Kathy died–way too young–in late February. I know she’ll be deeply missed by her family and friends. I will always see her, forever young, leading her high school band across the field as their drum major.

Her energy and spirit are in every smile, every peal of laughter.

Throwback Thursday

Throwback Thursday is this Internet thing wherein people post something from the past–many times photos of themselves from childhood or adolescence, but often stories of how they became who they are, as well.

Since there’s no lack of long-ago selfies (just posted two on Wednesday!) or stories on An Aries Knows (everything), I’ve never felt compelled to participate in Throwback Thursday. However, today Tim brought the mail in and said, “Finally! Someone you’ll recognize on your Rolling Stone.” It’s funny ’cause it’s true. I decided to share a photo of the cover along with records from my collection.

I don’t have a turntable, so my vinyl isn’t exactly accessible. And most of it is unplayable due to having once been unwittingly stored in a room with damp walls. Still, I hold on to it even though I can’t play it, and whenever I do have a reason to look through my old LPs, I’m always surprised to find certain albums I don’t remember owning. But here’s the ridiculous thing. Even though it makes absolutely no difference to my life, my eyes began shooting daggers when I couldn’t find my copy of Bob Dylan’s Greatest Hits. It’s one of the first albums that my mother bought me, and I want to know WHAT ROOMMATE OR FRIEND OR EX STOLE IT?

I never will know, of course. And I have it in my iTunes library anyway. But still…

Dylan: The Lost Years? What about the lost album?