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Photo Friday, No. 442

Current Photo Friday theme: Buildings On the roof, it’s peaceful as can be. And there the world below don’t bother me…

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Photo Friday, No. 441

Current Photo Friday theme: Darkness

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Photo Friday, No. 401

Current Photo Friday theme: Green

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The horror, the horror

One of the panels I attended at Saints and Sinners was titled “The Devil You Don’t Know: Otherworldly Forces in Fiction.” The description from the program: The force of evil in a work of fiction often appears in an otherworldly … Continue reading

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My (anti) hero

Through the years, my brother has recommended many good books to me. Some of them were tough reads, and what I’ve learned about highly recommended tough reads if I give up on them is that I should revisit them sometime … Continue reading

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Furthermore, read what you want, when you want, in the format you want. No judgment, including from me.

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The look of the town

At a panel at Saints and Sinners which I intend to post about later, the moderator had the writers read first lines from one of their works. On the Colorado trip, as we rode through small towns of the Texas … Continue reading

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Your First Readers

Creative self-expression: Though conventional wisdom has it that writing is a solitary act, I tend to disagree. First, a writer’s life is full of interactions and observations that inspire the work and feed the muse. Second, once a writer engages … Continue reading

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Button Sunday

In honor of the last day of the festival, I stole an online button and modified it. Being in New Orleans with so many writers and editors is a time when work is the most fun it can be.

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A little bit of magic

Last year before the Saints and Sinners Literary Festival, Tim and I had only recently turned in the manuscript for Best Gay Romance 2014. Our editors at Cleis realized that because of an error in our contract, the manuscript wasn’t … Continue reading

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