The neighbors on the (east?) side of our house were renters who were flooded out. We thought they were returning after the house was repaired; I guess they found another place to live because we never saw them again.

BUT THEY LEFT A CAR BEHIND! Now it’s mine, all mine. Thanks, Hurricane Harvey.


At least for now, Becky’s little helper

At night when I’m trying to sleep and will attempt to focus on anything so as not to think of sick rescue dogs and what work is facing me the next day, I mentally write long, infuriated blog posts about politics.

And then the Melatonin kicks in. Apparently you can’t take it forever, but until my home is enough in order than I can log some creative time to process a world that’s too much with me…

National Pancake Day

Last night Tom got takeout from IHOP for us because I felt like eating breakfast for dinner. I didn’t order pancakes, but for some reason, they were with the rest of my meal. I didn’t eat them because that would have been too much food plus I try to avoid carby-syrupy stuff, so I put them in the refrigerator thinking Tom might warm them up for breakfast.

This morning, I sat down at my computer and first thing I saw was that it’s IHOP’s fundraising National Pancake Day. IT WAS MEANT THAT I SHOULD EAT THESE PANCAKES.

They were delicious, even left over and warmed up. Sorry, Tom.

never caught up

Despite the chaos that is my home and the abysmal state that is my health, I’ve been able to keep up with work thanks to my co-records maven. I’ve even completed a special project for my boss that made him happy.

However, observe:

The brown binder on the left has the bills I need to pay. The green files in the middle are all the transport photos since the second week of October I haven’t been able to get to. The box on the right contains the holiday cards that I vowed (in vain) would be finished and mailed before Martin Luther King Jr. Day.



It’s wrong how much I love this because OMG the calories.

I’ve been involved in many an online and in-person conversation about the hypnotic effect Target has on a shopper. It doesn’t matter if I run in for ONE thing, I’m going to end up getting things I had no intention of buying because after all, if I use my Target card, it’s FIVE MORE PERCENT OFF. Marketing geniuses are always writing articles about why Target gets so many of the dollars we didn’t intend to spend.

Me, I blame the popcorn.