Things I’ve learned by moving No. 2

Some things can be fun to unpack. Years ago, Tim and I officed together in a room at The Compound. After wireless came along and he could more easily be online in his apartment, I turned it back into a guest room and moved into my little office off the kitchen. Most of the crap/stuff/whatever I had on shelves around me was put into bins in the garage with crap/stuff/whatever that had been packed from various workplaces, because I had significantly less desk and shelf space and wanted less clutter.

I’m finally almost through organizing my office, and the last thing to do was open those bins and start purging. Dear lord, so many floppy disks. If you’re a teenager today, do you even know what a floppy disk is? Vinyl records have become cool to have again. Will floppys ever make a comeback?

But I digress. Here are some of the fun things I found (along with more pens and pencils and endless tablets and Post-Its and notepads of many shapes and sizes).

Three little bottles, all from my friend James. Two contain bits of dirt or little rocks, probably from a certain redwood forest that holds great meaning for us. And the other I wasn’t sure about so I opened it, and for crying out loud, I’d just cleaned my keyboard the day before and now it’s been dusted by glitter. Fiendish James.

In one of the places where I did contract work back in the late 1990s, a coworker brought back voodoo dolls from New Orleans for several of us. I ended up with two who do that voodoo that two do so well.

Our friends Christine and John gave us this little bud vase many, many years ago. It’s endured some wear and tear, but it’s still a great holder for a bud I cut from a rose bush that’s growing here on the property-that-still-has-no-name.

I almost never got this open. I think it was originally a box a scented candle came in, but I had no idea what might be stored inside it. Voila! The daffiest of things.

Bad Daffy and Good Daffy. One of Good Daffy’s wings is broken, but that can be fixed on some Craft Night.

Hmmm, Debby, apparently I thought we might go back to bingo someday and I was prepared! Well, prepared if I wanted to search for a random bin in an overpacked garage to find these.

I’d forgotten that I once had a little niche for a couple of people’s spirit animals (fox and eagle), a little Kwan Yin, and a laughing Buddha.

My trusty old Zippo. I think I received this as a gift when I was a college freshman or sophomore. When I was an undergraduate, students (and professors) could and did smoke in class. Crazy!

A small soapstone ram box containing the ring of a friend who’s no longer with us, a tiny piece of rose quartz, and a little pewter stone that says “create.” A good reminder.

Everyone should keep a jar full of rainbows.

Random assortment of candle holders and a soapstone dish I used for burning incense cones.

Also very random: faded wrist bands from two of Tim’s three hospitalizations. Longtime readers will remember that I said I was keeping these to auction off to his stalkers to help pay his medical bills. 😉

A little leather pouch that contains a bottle with a blend I made of essential oils. I don’t remember which recipe this is, but it still smells wonderful. A bracelet from Jim. I think this was a Jim/Steve C/Tim visit and he bought all of us one of these in Galveston. And a little stone my mother gave me as a reminder of my healing hands.

This tray that sits inside a desk drawer still has random little notes from a job I have not had since 1996. But who cares because HOLY ANTONIO BANDERAS. This almost makes me want to unpack the ten zillion boxes still stacked in the back room of the apartment-that-also-has-no-name. Almost.

Things I’ve learned by moving No. 1

I’m trying to organize my office. I’ve had so much office-type crap stuck in so many places over the years that trying to pull it together and arrange it (and purge much of it) is daunting. I have learned:

I have too many red pens. These are just a few of them.

When a pen doesn’t write or a mechanical pencil is broken, throw it away immediately. Or you’ll end up with a wastebasket that looks like mine.

I’m obsessed with wooden pencils. I found two more boxes of them after I took this photo.

When you get free calendars, don’t stick them somewhere until you need them, because eleven years later…

Button Sunday

My favorite gang.

Related: I had to find a new case for my phone. I’m happy I didn’t have to settle–found one I loved first try.

It’s rumored my life may become a little less crazy around mid January. Lynne and I have even decided to postpone our joint family Christmas celebration until then. Anything that I have to mail–it may make it by then, too.

Merry Christmas!

100 Happy Days: 87 (a/k/a Snoopy Saturday!)

For as far back as I can remember actually talking to people and not hiding behind one parent or another or on the other side of the locked door of my bedroom from invaders who might destroy my toys or read my diary, I liked to ask random questions as a way to gain insight into people. (I’ve also always been a fan of run-on sentences.) In the days before I thinned my Facebook herd (Nora’s term for it), thereby turning it into the place where I basically just link to this blog or stalk my family, this was my favorite thing to do there in my status updates. For example, I might say:

Donald Duck or Daffy Duck?


John, Paul, George, or Ringo?


Dynasty or Dallas?

Questions that mean nothing to anyone under thirty forty, but you get the idea.

The other night while Tom and I were out running errands, I spotted this at Barnes & Noble and bought it. It’s a box of 156 cards (it’s true; I counted them), each containing a question “guaranteed to spark an instant conversation!” While I have lots more readers of this blog than I did when I was on LiveJournal, I have fewer commenters. Maybe y’all are shy the way Wee Becky was. So today I’m beginning “Snoopy Saturdays.” Please use my comments here to answer my Saturday question. Because that will make me happy.

Drink up

If I grab fast food for lunch when I’m on the go, I usually ask for a bottle of water instead of a soft drink. Because that bottle of water cancels out French fry calories or whatever chemicals are in nuggets, right? Then I keep refilling the bottle through the day, and often I add a packet of peach tea to it, giving my water a nice amber color.

The other day, I had another liquid of an amber color on my desk (we were considering putting some on Margot’s feet to make her stop incessantly licking them), and I can’t tell you how many times I picked it up and almost unscrewed the top thinking it was peach tea. Though people do drink apple cider vinegar, I think taking a big ol’ slug of it when you’re expecting something else is one way to coat a computer monitor in apple cider vinegar. I finally had to move it back to its pantry location.

The root beer is just in this photo so I could include the two rams checking out my RPM Koozie. They approve.

And then…puppies!

I have plenty of words. I could be posting them. But right now, I’d pretty much sound like a grumpy old person shaking my fist and yelling, “Get off my lawn!” Even though I’m not actually in a bad mood. To be honest, it’s hard to write when so many people are writing and recommending good books for me to read. I’m swimming and floating in zillions of delicious words from other people and so am reluctant to return to land and add my own words to the sea.

Some times are just meant for reading. And if you can’t write or don’t read… Puppies!

Button Sunday

Speedee was so far ahead of my time that I didn’t even know he’d ever existed as McDonald’s first mascot. If you’d asked me, I’d have said Speedy was the little Alka-Seltzer guy. In fact, you can read here how McDonald’s gave up their Speedee in part to remove any association with Speedy.

You can teach an old dame new trivia!