Beauty drives away

Today James, citizen of the world, currently residing in Maine, came by for a visit. He arrived bearing gifts, including a wonderful book and some homebaked cookies (chocolate/peanut butter, a passion he shares with his fellow Gemini Tim). Tim said that he would give him a manhandling welcome, except Tim has a cold. I plied James with Reeses Cups, charmed him with dogs, got the scoop on what’s been going on with him, solicited free gardening advice, and bent his ear for a while. Then we waved him goodbye…until next time. I miss him, but for me, the world is a happier place just ’cause I know he’s in it.

Bon voyage, James.

Coasting through Christmas

Laura tried to hide how thrilled she was to get her lime-accented gifts of the sponges and candles. But I could tell that she was almost sick with joy when she opened her lemon-slice coasters. How often does a two-dollar expenditure bring that much emotion to someone’s face? I knew that my little offering meant much more than the diamond earrings from her husband and that iPod thingie she got from her in-laws. Why, they were struggling all afternoon to download songs onto the iPod thingie. But the coasters, sponges, and candles–those are things that she can enjoy immediately without having to read a bunch of instructions!
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Across town, I am being underestimated

When Tom and I got married, Lynne, who’s been my friend since I was 12, made our wedding cake. Layer after layer, creating roses after roses from frosting… She was delirious by W-day.

A cousin of mine came to the wedding with her husband and left a gift on the gift table.
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Going to the ‘burbs

Today, Tom and I went OUTSIDE THE LOOP to visit:




and their parents, Amy and Richard. Rex the Escape Artist Dog didn’t stop long enough on his way to the food bowl to be photographed. Amy gave us a gift similar to one from our godson’s parents: photos of the little ones in ALABAMA shirts we gave them. This is a big concession from parents who graduated from Texas A&M and Auburn. So far, I’m being nice and not publishing them for the world to see. All bets are off when I get to be naughty again.