More decorations

These photos aren’t really large enough to give the best visual, and I colored out the rooms behind the doorways so there’d be less distractions. Every year, our friend Lynne gives Hallmark ornaments to Tom and me. The 18 ornaments on his garland are Star Trek. When I plug in the strand of lights they’re connected to, various characters (Janeway, Spock, Kirk) all speak at once. Some of the ships also do various flashing things. My 22 ornaments are Barbie. They just hang out and look pretty, like Barbie is supposed to.

World AIDS Day 2005

Steve. Died 1992.
What the world lost: Your gentle spirit. Your rich laugh. Your beautiful voice. Your bravery. Your brilliant mind. Your calm disposition. Your love of music and books and art. Your wisdom.

Jeff. Died 1995.
What the world lost: Your sharp wit. Your political passion. Your desire for justice. Your strong will. Your anger. Your generosity. Your love of beauty.

John. Died 1996.
What the world lost: Your twinkling eyes. Your mischief. Your humor. Your zest for a good time. Your vulnerability. Your gentleness. Your sweet nature.

Tim. Died 1997.
What the world lost: Your courage. Your compassion for anyone who was hurting. Your boundless love. Your ability to give comfort. Your protectiveness. Your kindness. Your strength.


I am a procrastinator, and one of the things I’ve put off doing for eleven months is organizing my photos and putting them in albums. This can get overwhelming when there are a lot of them.

But I did it today, finally, and found photos I’d forgotten ever taking.

Like this one. I love potatoes, though we don’t get together as much as we once did. It’s not their fault; I love them a little too much and had to learn moderation. I think it’s sweet that they send me secret messages letting me know that they still love me.

Isn’t it strange that people who write murder mysteries are the nicest people in the world? Maybe they spend their aggression on their fictitious victims. Here are two absolutely charming Houston authors, Dean James and Julie Wray Herman.