Y’all, almost nine years ago, I blogged one of my rambling, nostalgic posts about plastic cars. Go ahead; you know you want to relive those halcyon days when I had the time to write about nothing in some Seinfeldian way and also when there was a Hump Day Happy. I’ll wait.


Guess what I found on eBay? Work is crazy busy so I can’t play with them, but they are little and cheap and just as I remembered them and wanted them to be. I know an eBay seller who’s going to get ALL the stars for all the cars.

Transport Thursday!

Gracie can still smile even though her family didn’t get to travel today. Her four babies have coccidia, but she loves them with all of her heart and knows they’ll be well and ready for their new homes in no time. Gracie, you are the best mom and a good girl!

RPM takes great care to get all animals healthy before they transport. This is why good foster homes are so important. If you live in Houston and are interested in short-term fostering of dogs and cats to get them ready for their forever homes, you can complete an application by clicking here. Thanks!

Makeover: Chair 2

When Debby moved here from Ohio, she brought an old chair that had come into her daughter Sarah’s possession. Poor chair had seen better times–this was still its original fabric. One of the arms had broken and had been temporarily fixed with some duct tape (of course!). At least the duct tape was color coordinated with the fabric. Debby didn’t have room for the chair in Fairy Cottage, so it took up residence in our guest room.

Post-flood, since we needed to get furniture out of the house and were taking other pieces to be reupholstered, we decided to give Sarah’s chair new life. Houndstooth Hall life! We found exactly the fabric we were hoping for with Jackie Johnson’s assistance.

And no more duct tape! Not only do they do great upholstering, but their repair guy gave this chair the appearance it deserves. If you need furniture reupholstered or repaired in Houston, this is the place: Jack Johnson Upholstery.


The neighbors on the (east?) side of our house were renters who were flooded out. We thought they were returning after the house was repaired; I guess they found another place to live because we never saw them again.

BUT THEY LEFT A CAR BEHIND! Now it’s mine, all mine. Thanks, Hurricane Harvey.


Makeover: Chair 1

This chair belonged to Lynne’s grandmother, then her mother, then her Aunt Lil, who gave it to Lynne. When Lynne was moving, she offered it to me. Of course I wanted a chair that had belonged to three generations of a family that welcomed me as one of their own! Though she’d had the chair reupholstered, what I discovered was that the fabric wasn’t dog resistant.

When we took our antique settee and chair in to be reupholstered, we also took this channel back chair in and selected a fabric that would go with those two. I LOVE the result!

It’s a good match to the fabric on the other pieces, and it goes well with our old coffee table.

Thank you, Lynne, for allowing us to give such a special chair a home!

If you need furniture reupholstered or repaired in Houston: Jack Johnson Upholstery