picturesque but bound for the debris pile

That’s my kitchen window and that’s my view of the ruella growing there. I love the purple flowers and I like this time of year when I can see the light changing. The light is one of the reasons autumn–even in Texas–is my favorite season.

The ruella lines a fence which is in a sorry state of repair, and I’ve liked that about it. It has an abandoned countryside feel to it. But some of the rails have already crumbled to nothing, so Tom says it’s headed for the debris pile today.

Once we decide on a different backdrop for the ruella, I’ll share photos.

Making it pretty

This is the corner of the yard I see from my desk when my desk is in my office, which it is not at this time and won’t be for quite a while. But when I do get my office back, I’ll be looking out at where we’ve covered the ground where no grass can grow with pretty river rocks. And by “we” I mean Debby, because I did none of this. She gets my Landscaping Hero of the Season award.

homecoming draws closer

Progress is being made!

There are doors and trim to be painted, cabinets to stain, and a bathroom sink to remove from the middle of the kitchen floor…

You can tell things are happening because it’s the RETURN OF THE DEBRIS PILE ON THE CURB!

The mayor says Phase 1 of debris removal is complete. We need Phase 2 to reach our neighborhood, because all the houses whose curbs weren’t full are full now, and almost all of us who had stuff removed now have more. Also, our streets are full of nails and other tire-unfriendly things. Now that Tom and I have replaced both cars, we’d like to keep our tires. (In the Yes I’m Bitter Department: we BOTH bought new tires for our cars just before Harvey came and drowned them.)

Also back with us are two Lambert dogs (Pollock is sticking with Tim in the secret Unicorn Sanctuary).

Here’s Penny gazing at the door to Fox Den. She wants to be there so much with Tim and her siblings.

And Pixie’s not impressed by the current Houndstooth Hall decor.

It won’t be too much longer, P Dogs. Then at least half of this will be out of what used to be the office.

The rest will go when Debby’s place is finished. They don’t have any furniture, but they’ll have lots of boxes!

Transport Thursday!

You may wonder why I usually post only dog photos. It’s hard to get good photos of cats on transport day. They MUST stay in their temporary carriers with the doors shut–an escaped cat is a gone cat, so the only time the carriers are opened is inside the vans, with all the doors and windows firmly shut, while they are transferred to their better travel accommodations (the travel carriers include food, water, and litter boxes for them).

So I struggle with poor lighting, a wire door that grabs my camera’s focus because it’s in front of the cats, and the cats themselves. They DO NOT LIKE the camera, its flash, or me, the wielder of camera and flash.

Nonetheless, here are a few feline photos.

Fae and Felix

Garnett and her kittens

Inky and Clyde

scary lady heeds my fashion sense

I’m reluctant to post the photo below because it shows my fashion queen Anna Wintour with Harvey Weinstein at a Marchesa (fashion line of Weinstein’s estranged wife, Georgina Chapman) runway show. So I’ll say up front that it sounds like Weinstein is a pig who enjoyed a lot of success in the entertainment industry because his company has made some amazing movies with stellar talent. But he apparently used his success and power in a piglike way to sexually harass, belittle, assault, demean, and torment women. This is not new behavior, nor is it confined to the so-called Hollywood “casting couch.” It’s just that his are the accusers who have begun stepping forward–and that takes real courage–and now everyone who was ever in the same city as him feels that they must denounce him even as they say they were unaware of his piglike behavior, because boy, do humans flee the flames when a star begins his fiery descent to the pit of publicity hell to be finished off on a spit.

(Also, I’m sorry to insult pigs, who I happen to admire in a way I could never admire Weinstein, and I don’t like to see them on spits.)

All that being said, observe Miss Wintour, below. Do you like her dress?

Gary Gershoff/WireImage / / Mandy Moore, left, Harvey Weinstein, Anna Wintour attended the Marchesa fall 2017 runway show during New York Fashion Week on Feb. 15, 2017.

Did you like its reverse colors in November 2009 when it was designed by Becks?

Looks like we are both crafty women. But she accessorizes better. My Anna Wintour needed those boots.

Bonus photo:

AndrĂ© Leon Talley, Anna Wintour, and Grace Coddington at Becks’s 2009 final collection.

P.S. If you click on the link to my November 2009 post, you’ll see my soldiers in a nod to today being National Coming Out Day.

the next gross task

I’d thought all my magnetic poetry was safe in the bottom of one of the guest room closets because it was in a plastic bag. Most of the magnetic words are in a metal Magnetic Poetry lunchbox or in plastic containers. But some are in their original cardboard containers, and those were damp, so I guess I’m going to have to clean them all, and clean them in such a way that the words don’t disappear from the magnets.

I REALLY need a house elf for this job, dammit. You’ll know I’ve actually done it when a magnetic poem shows up on the blog. Something to look forward to. [commence eyeroll]

some progress

What you may have gathered from previous posts is that Tim is not back home with his dogs yet. But yesterday his return journey officially kicked off. Let me give you a little perspective.

This is Tim’s apartment right after it was finished and ready for him to move in back in 2015. Keith our contractor and his crew made it so pretty, right?

The photo below is after the flood. If you look at the towel hanging on the stove, you can see the water got at least as high as its bottom, and it began soaking up the water that makes part of the towel darker blue. It was just under fifteen inches deep in there. The water opened the cabinet under the sink and stuff began floating out of it. Here, the water has receded to only about two to four inches deep.

About five days after the flood, thanks to the return of Keith and Crew as well as Jess and Pete, Tim’s apartment looked like this.

After yesterday’s installation of insulation and today’s hanging of drywall, things are looking a little brighter in Fox Den!