Special Forces

As part of Jack’s behavior training, he’s not allowed on the furniture (thus the plastic matting you can see on this sofa). Because he’s Special Forces, he makes cunning use of camouflage to defy authority.

Later, he demonstrates other Special Forces skills, rolling on his back to lure the enemy into getting closer.

Hermosa is the first dog who’s made Jack look big.

Sleuthin’ Saturday

Kay Finch and Julie Herman at Murder By The Book.

I haven’t been able to get to a signing at Murder By The Book for a while. I’m two books behind in my friend Dean James (writing as Miranda James)’s cozy Cat in the Stacks Mystery series AND his Southern Ladies Mystery series. I was able to pick up the second Southern Ladies book on Saturday when I went to a signing for Dean’s friend Julie Herman. Julie took a hiatus from publishing (I have her Three Dirty Women series in hard cover, and she’s hoping she’ll have e-versions of those available soon). She’s back with Burned, a middle school equestrian mystery which I read in one sitting yesterday. I have been contemplating writing in the voice of a fifteen-year-old girl for quite a while now, and Julie’s narrator is TWELVE. It was interesting to hear her talk about the number of drafts it took her before she felt that voice was authentic. I tip my hat to her, because she succeeds with Sophie Allen. (Also, I love the book’s cover.)

Signing with Julie was a new-to-me author, Kay Finch. Kay is in a critique group with Julie, and writes A Bad Luck Cat Mystery series. Now you know I’m a dog person, but when a writer names a cat Hitchcock, I’m in!

Looking forward to reading the rest of these books.