Photo Friday, No. 547

Current Photo Friday theme: Bright

For the second week, the Photo Friday theme is “Bright.”

You can find Houston’s Mini Murals all over the city. The one above is on the corner of Main and Alabama. The Mini Murals are painted traffic signal control cabinets meant to brighten our urban landscapes. It’s not often I’m stopped long enough with a ready camera to shoot one from my car. I’m going to try to get more of them, because every time I see one, it makes me happy.

Photo Friday, No. 539

Current Photo Friday theme: Macro

This may not look like much to anyone else, but to me, it’s the affirmation of hope. This is one of my scheffleras that was so damaged by the winter weather. Lynne cut them back for me, and one showed new growth immediately, but everyone was sure the other was dead.

The second one has proved them wrong, and reminded me never to give up hope. And because Debby saw it, she gave her own presumed-dead schefflera another look and found tiny leaves on it, too. Happiness is the best kind of contagious.