Photo Friday, No. 596

Current Photo Friday theme: Large

Just down the road a way is Thompson’s Antique Center of Texas. It’s in the old Northwest Mall, where only a few of the original stores survive, and seven days a week you can browse through 108,000 square feet of everything old, valuable, vintage, quirky, and nostalgic from toys to furniture to jewelry, clothes to dishes to old signs.

I don’t know the story on this chair, but it’s HUGE–maybe seven to eight feet tall? My head came to around the arm of it. That crazy lamp to its left is also huge. BECAUSE IT’S TEXAS, Y’ALL!

Photo Friday, No. 588

Current Photo Friday theme: Pattern

It’s no secret that I like houndstooth. I think I used that fabric for a swing coat for Barbie way back when I had time to sew and watch “Project Runway.” Good times. Lynne created a pattern for the fabric that she’ll use to cover the little stools that go with our tavern tables. The plan is when the house is ready, those tables will be moved from their old location in the office to the wall under the blinds in the library. It’s a good work space for coloring, crafting, and especially for setting up laptops. FOR WHEN WE HAVE VISITORS AGAIN. It’s been over seven months since a Houndstooth Hall Craft Night.