Transport Thursday!

As you know, I don’t usually post photos of our volunteers and fosters, just the rescued animals, on Thursdays. I believe I have featured Angelita (also known as Angel) on my blog before, but I was so excited to see her today that I really wanted to feature her again. Here she is with her fosters Whitney, Winky, and Wynne.

These pups had a few health issues to deal with, so it was wonderful to see them on their way today. However, the reason I’m sharing them and Angelita is because not only did I get the chance to thank her in person for something, but I get to let you know what a difference she made to our family after Harvey’s floods.

Before the rains came, Angelita had recently married and moved into her new home with her husband. She delayed putting her previous home up for sale and offered it for our use, free and clear, when she saw on Facebook how we’d been impacted by the flooding. Angelita is the reason Timothy and his dogs Pixie, Penny, and Pollock had a wonderful roof over their heads for a couple of months until they could return to a restored Fox Den. It gave us all some space, enabled Tim’s dogs to be with him–and if you have companion animals, you know how necessary they are to your morale in difficult times–and kept Tim and Jack apart (necessary for a peaceful home for us all!).

We have long known that Angelita really is an angel because of the level of care and commitment she gives to animals in need. We will always be grateful to her for being our personal angel, as well.

I concede defeat

Back in the days when I used to do things in a more timely manner, once all the holiday/Christmas cards were mailed, I’d put the official year’s photo on my blog. I can’t remember the last batch of cards that went out–I think they were around Valentine’s Day?–then I had to put everything in a box to get the clutter off my desk. Whereupon the old adage “out of sight, out of mind” kicked in. Whatever cards went out are probably it for the season. I could wait until July to post this, since our current plan is to aim for Christmas in July as our official gift exchange season. But this year is not a year to believe plans are realistic. SO… here’s our “it rained a lot in 2017” photo if you didn’t receive one in the mail.

Tom holding Jack, me with Anime and Delta on leashes, Debby holding Stewie with Harley on the leash, and Tim with Pixie, Penny, and Pollock. Thanks, Lynne, for the photo!


The second Saturday of 2017 was a terrible one when many of us went to RPM’s clinic to welcome our drivers home from Colorado.

None of us has forgotten what was lost that week. RPM’s president gave us a few moments at this week’s transport to silently honor the memory of our driver and the family he left behind. We continue your mission, Charles Roberts.

Group shot after transport, January 12, 2017.

Guest Room

I can feel that I’m starting to get sick. It’s inevitable. So many people I work with are sick. But it’s also a matter of our constantly fluctuating temperatures and weather and the fact that we have no insulation in the bottom half of our house to keep out the heat or cold. I’m working hard to hold whatever it is at bay with rest and fluids and good food, but I can feel it lurking.

This reminds me of another time I was sick and moved into the guest room for a few nights so I wouldn’t disturb Tom as I coughed or got in and out of bed several times a night. I was also away from little dogs pushing me around in bed and disturbing my sleep. I set up my laptop so I could work or watch movies in bed, and our foster at that time, Thomas, was the only dog allowed to join me.

This is what the guest room looks like now. Not really an escape option these days!

The bed is in storage. The green chair is at the upholstery shop to be repaired and reupholstered. And Thomas now naps in the home of his forever family. He’s a great dog.

Photo Friday, No. 581, part 2

Current Photo Friday theme: 2017

Photo Friday extended the 2017 theme another week. Might I just say that I like my tropical storm water much more at the end of the beach when I’m safely inside with Tom’s family cooking, playing games, and enjoying seeing how our nieces and nephews (including our godson!) are growing up so beautifully and with so much talent?

We kicked off the summer with Tropical Storm Cindy and ended it with Hurricane turned Tropical Storm Harvey. What a season.

(ETA: I accidentally skipped the “Rain” Photo Friday challenge on 12.15 and had to fix everything. That’s why you’re still seeing this same ol’ beach a week later.)

wrapped in plastic

I don’t know if anyone remembers that time I photoshopped myself all up to look like dead Laura Palmer from “Twin Peaks,” but Marika sure did.

Viola! My first little Funko figurine ever which she couldn’t resist sending me because she’s Marika.

I didn’t get to see the recent “Twin Peaks” reboot. But I will. One day. Thank you, Marika! You’re nuts.

Make me an angel…

“…that flies from Montgomery…”

That’s a line from a very old John Prine song I love, as sung both by him and by Bonnie Raitt.

Well, I have an angel who flew all the way from England.

You may remember that years ago, Marika secretly sent out a call to friends far and wide offering to send them angels to color for me as a surprise at Christmas. I think I received nine angels that Christmas, and a few others in later years.

That was in 2009, y’all–eight years ago! Marika recently expressed concerns about the tin of angels that friends, family, and I have colored through the decades. Had they survived the flood? Were they okay?

Trust me, the angels were stored high above the flood waters, and in any case, Debby and I emptied that bookcase as quickly as we could because we’d seen bookshelves in her apartment and Tim’s go down fast, with loss of books in both places. We moved everything to a safer, more stable place in case that happened here. Now the angels are in storage instead of decorating the house this holiday season.

Except this one. After all these years, Mark a longtime LiveJournal friend from England, sent a beautiful Christmas card as he does each year. In it I found this bookmark and this stunning angel. THANK YOU SO MUCH, Mark, it was a delightful surprise–and I know Marika will also be thrilled. Right now your angel is keeping me company on my desk, and soon enough, she’ll join her band of angelic friends so that next year, they can all grace Houndstooth Hall with their beauty.