100 Happy Days: 77

Today I wondered: Might it be possible for me to be happy about something other than a dog? So I took my camera with me while I ran errands and meandered onto a couple of side streets away from my destinations. That’s when I discovered this, near St. Thomas University:

You can read more about Plant It Forward here. And you can enjoy these visions of a wonderful vegetable garden tucked into this busy urban area.

Now if you could only come for dinner on Friday and enjoy these fresh vegetables: baby spinach for the salad, okra, and eggplant.

I think I’ll be going back often.

100 Happy Days: 41

I’ve delayed since Day 20 doing another full-on food post, but I can’t help it. I may have cooked it, but you can blame Lynne for this one. A little bit of eggplant, some okra, a yellow and white corn medley–but the real culinary delight is that salad, with fresh pear and cherry tomatoes and cucumbers pulled right off the vines in Lynne’s garden. Oh, man–who needs meat?

Here’s another one taken with my phone a couple of nights ago. That night it was okra, squash, purple hull peas, and the same fresh goodies in the salad.

Just like the tables of my people (except there’d also be meat, rolls and/or cornbread, and sweet tea).

100 Happy Days: 20

I made it to Day 20 before I resorted to a food post! Here are the sides for our Tex-Mex tonight: cheese, sour cream, chiles, onions, black olives, tomatoes, and lettuce to go in beef and/or bean burritos, or to become part of nachos or taco salad along with chips and queso, and Mexican rice. Hungry?

You will note the absence of jalapeños. I can’t take the heat.

April Photo A Day: Water

As I’ve said before, I love water. And I love salads. But now, on Day 7 of this raw food detox, I’ll admit that I’m getting weary of so many salads, even if they are all different from one another and tasty.

I don’t miss meat, and I love vegetables. But I miss cooked vegetables. And it’s weird to make meals for Tom and Tim and eat different meals myself. This photo is of their salad. Mine was precut for me by Lindsey, who’s been a champ at following the plan, putting meals together for herself, Rhonda and me, and making sure I have the right ingredients for the meals I prepare for myself.

Tonight–catch me!–because tonight, I get a vegan, organic chocolate chip cookie. I’m pretty sure it’ll be one of the best cookies I’ve ever eaten.

Prompt from FMS Photo A Day.

April Photo A Day: On Your Plate

Tim and I are going through all the short stories we were sent for the Best Gay Romance 2014 anthology and that is a big thing on my plate. There are so many good and intriguing stories; it’s going to be tough to pick only a few of them.

At Craft Night this past Friday, Lindsey was breaking down meal plans for a ten-day raw food detox she and Rhonda planned to do. At the same time, I offered her the Bottlecap painting she inspired. She wanted to pay for it, and somehow in that discussion, I decided I wanted to do this detox thing with them. So we bartered, and Lindsey added a third person (ME!) to her grocery runs and meal plans in return for the painting. End result: I’m doing this detox thing. I have to modify it some to keep my blood glucose levels where they should be, and I’m not really detoxing so much as I am giving myself a break from meat and starches. I’ve also thrown in a few things that aren’t part of the plan (like ground flaxseed, upon recommendation of Geri and Tim), and dashes of cinnamon, a spice that’s supposed to be good for pre-diabetics and diabetics.

Even though I’ll still cook meals for Tom and Tim, it’s AWESOME to look in my fridge and freezer or at my kitchen counter and see that someone else has divided up three meals a day for me–and it’ll be this way for TEN DAYS! I always said if I won the lottery, the only rich person thing I’d ever want would be a chauffeur. But I could get used to this meal planning/cooking thing falling to someone else. Thanks, Lindsey; it’s nice to be spoiled.

It’s the end of day one of this adventure. I’ve never felt so freaking full on a day that wasn’t a holiday. I thought I’d show you what lunch looked like today. This was on my plate.

Prompt from FMS Photo A Day.