Celebrating a friend

My friend Dean James, writing as Miranda James, had a signing at Murder By The Book for Claws for Concern, the ninth book in his Cat in the Stacks cozy mystery series. I was a few behind both with this series and his Southern Lady Mystery series, so I now have plenty to read! (I promise I’m still going to read A Wrinkle in Time before I get started on these.)

In even better news, Dean signed a contract that means there’ll be more in this series. I’m happy for Dean and his many readers who enjoy these mysteries centered around librarian Charlie, his cat Diesel, and the small town of Athena, Mississippi.

National Pancake Day

Last night Tom got takeout from IHOP for us because I felt like eating breakfast for dinner. I didn’t order pancakes, but for some reason, they were with the rest of my meal. I didn’t eat them because that would have been too much food plus I try to avoid carby-syrupy stuff, so I put them in the refrigerator thinking Tom might warm them up for breakfast.

This morning, I sat down at my computer and first thing I saw was that it’s IHOP’s fundraising National Pancake Day. IT WAS MEANT THAT I SHOULD EAT THESE PANCAKES.

They were delicious, even left over and warmed up. Sorry, Tom.

Light My Fire

I have been waiting since my Button Sunday post on November 5 for this. It has left me shaken and so furious on Uma Thurman’s behalf that I haven’t been able to think of anything else this afternoon. I think of my friends who are huge Tarantino fans, particularly of his work with her. I’ve seen very little of this, because in general I don’t watch violent movies. But at least there’s always the thought, “It’s not real violence. It’s just a movie.” Over the past few months, I’ve had to acknowledge that many of the romantic comedies and favorite movies in which I’ve lost myself had a real-life violence behind them that has stolen the pleasure they once gave me.

This is the NYT feature on Uma Thurman. Try to find the full article, including a piece of film from one of Thurman’s films. I know sometimes NYT articles are blocked if you’ve read too many on the site, because they want subscribers. But I’m sure it’ll be posted elsewhere. I’m never going to be able to unsee that film clip. There are many actors who like to do their own stunts and often have to be discouraged for their own safety. But to force someone to do something after she’s clearly stated her fears and reluctance to do it–it’s easy to believe this was a warning or a punishment to a woman who was not playing by rules devised by a truly despicable group of powerful men.

What is a life worth to you?

Yes, I’m at it again. I’ve created a team to help with Rescued Pets Movement’s current fundraising campaign as part of the Newman’s Own challenge. You can help by clicking the link below and contributing any amount you desire. PLEASE don’t worry about the fees. That will be covered. We want you to know that every dollar you donate will go toward rehabilitating and relocating Houston’s homeless dogs and cats to families in other areas of the country where adoptable pets are in short supply. We’ll get them healthy and get them there thanks to you. NO AMOUNT IS TOO SMALL. Thank you!

Please click through to my fundraising page.

Beverly says, “You’re aces!” (Strange, since Beverly does not have a poker face.)

Being a distracted fundraiser!

I keep forgetting that Strut Your Mutt, which is usually my favorite fundraiser of the year, is just days away from wrapping up and I even have a fundraising page! Should you be inclined to donate any amount–and NO AMOUNT IS TOO SMALL–the link is right here.

The weeks since the flood have been some of our busiest ever–RPM was instrumental in helping clear the local shelters so they’d have room for animals displaced by Harvey. Groups all over the country drove to Houston to take animals we were pulling from BARC, Harris County Animal Shelter, and Houston Pets Alive. It was a nationwide effort to help, and I’m sure the same groups and many others helped areas impacted by Hurricane Irma.

Keeping up with my work and helping manage our situation at home has been a challenge, and you’ll never know how much your words of comfort, your cards, texts, emails, comments here, and messages on Instagram have lifted my spirits. Thank you so much!


RPM is currently part of the Macy’s Shop for a Cause Charity Challenge that I talked about earlier on my blog. This time, I’m not asking you to contribute to my fundraising page.

What? Why not? I’ll explain.

First, I’m telling you that an amazing donor has offered to contribute up to $50,000 to RPM’s fundraiser if that donation will move us into first place at the end of the challenge.

Why is RPM so competitive?

Because Macy’s will award a $100,000 grant to the top fundraiser!

Why is RPM so greedy?

It’s not greed. It’s the means for dogs like my foster Omar and cats like those you see writing Pet Prose on this blog to be pulled from Houston’s kill shelters and get into traveling shape. It takes a lot of time, energy, and yes, MONEY, to make this happen. RPM’s board members are unpaid. RPM’s paid staff is kept lean and efficient so that donations can go to animal care and transport.

Please go read this story about Rudyard on Facebook to get an idea of what RPM’s staff does to make miracles happen. Rudyard’s is a story of compassion and hope, and I see stories like his over and over every day. At the end of the story is a link to the medical fundraising team. THIS is where I’d love for you to click and donate any amount. And if you don’t want to read about Rudyard, just please go here and know that every single donation gets us closer to another $150,000 to rescue, rehabilitate, and transport Houston’s homeless dogs and cats to forever homes.

THANK YOU from Omar and me. And by the way, Maddie was adopted. Hermosa was adopted. Every dog I’ve fostered who you met on my blog was adopted into forever homes after they traveled. It’s why I foster even when my heart breaks to say goodbye. It’s why I believe in Rescued Pets Movement. Thank you for every time you’ve shown support for RPM and the work Tom and I do. You are magnificent friends to us and to animals.

Omar is learning to play with toys!

The pie and coffee’s on you

One evening in Southern California Jim was watching the news when they did a feature on Houston’s Flying Saucer Pie Company. He asked if I’d ever been. When I said no, he told me to put it on the agenda. (I’m supposed to make notes between Jim’s visits of stuff he and I think we’d like to do when we’re together again.) I added it to the list.

Coincidentally, Lynne had bought a couple of pies from there to take to a meeting and what wasn’t eaten she brought here to share with us. We learned that Flying Saucer makes all their pies from scratch without weird additives or preservatives, so they need to be eaten within a couple of days, and some won’t do well refrigerated. After sampling Lynne’s pies, we decided we should taste test a few more–you know, in the interest of science and research.

So this was another venture to a new-to-us place. I think the mural on the wall looks a little like Alien Gandhi, but maybe that’s just me.

Peach pie, apple pie, key lime pie–all thumbs up.

Even though I don’t have Showtime and can’t watch the continuation of Twin Peaks, I can at least enjoy three minutes of damn fine cups of coffee and miracle pie. And so can you.


There are so many parts of Houston I’ve never seen, and today I went to a meeting in the area I think is now known as EaDo, or East Downtown. I’m hoping to explore it a little next week just to take photos of the public art/murals with someone who’s always up for the chance to explore Houston with me.


I’m so excited.

Anyway, here’s a link to info about EaDo. Next week I hope to share some photos.

The dogs made me do it…

I can’t stop myself when these little eyes look up at me. Every one of them is a rescue dog, so they take this very seriously.

Delta in front of Jack and Anime, with little foster dog Maddie covering their backs.

Rescued Pets Movement is taking part in the Macy’s Shop for a Cause Charity Challenge. So I’ve created a team that you can find right here. If you have five bucks, ten, any amount at all you can donate, please do. And if you can’t, feel free to share my link.

Thank you!

Button Sunday

Michelson Found Animals Saving Pets Challenge raised more than 1.5 million dollars in their 2017 campaign. That means a LOT of people care about companion animals!

I’m thrilled to share that Rescued Pets Movement was the leading fundraiser with $146,978 in donations. That means RPM will be awarded the grand prize of an additional $50,000. A lot of great people contributed, including those who donated to Tim’s and my teams. I’m so grateful to you all, and I’m slowly fulfilling my pledge to name animals in your honor or to persuade the RPM dog and cat scribes to include you in their Pet Prose.

Spay and neuter, TNR, transport, and adoption are making a positive difference!