Button Sunday

Michelson Found Animals Saving Pets Challenge raised more than 1.5 million dollars in their 2017 campaign. That means a LOT of people care about companion animals!

I’m thrilled to share that Rescued Pets Movement was the leading fundraiser with $146,978 in donations. That means RPM will be awarded the grand prize of an additional $50,000. A lot of great people contributed, including those who donated to Tim’s and my teams. I’m so grateful to you all, and I’m slowly fulfilling my pledge to name animals in your honor or to persuade the RPM dog and cat scribes to include you in their Pet Prose.

Spay and neuter, TNR, transport, and adoption are making a positive difference!


Thanks to Jeffrey Ricker bringing this to my attention, I’ve been participating in an Instagram challenge hashtagged #riotgrams. It’s part of Book Riot, something that is slowly enticing me to think about writing when my brain takes a break from dog rescue. These are the challenges this month:

And today’s was fun for me, because not only did I get to show off the Janet Evanovich Stephanie Plum hardcovers that I co-own with Timothy, but I got to show off a couple of other things, too, reminding me that I have another life that waits for when I will make some time and give it some attention.

Anime Update

Anime recently visited her vet for some followup bloodwork. The results show that the shots she’s getting to manage her Addison’s disease are exactly the dosage she needs. She’s in great spirits, loves to play and explore, and we’re happy every day that she was diagnosed quickly and bounced back to being the dog we know and love. She’s a good soul.

Here’s more information about Addison’s.

Let’s make a deal!

I have my own fundraising team for Rescued Pets Movement’s Michelson Found Animals Saving Pets Challenge 2017. You can see how to donate by clicking here. Right now, I have ZERO DOLLARS. I need help!

If you’ve been following Pet Prose, you know that many of RPM’s rescued dogs and cats have been sharing excerpts from their writing on my blog. If you contribute to my team, a future author will include you as a character in their work! You’ve always been quite a character–now everyone will know it.

Or if you prefer, I can name one of RPM’s rescued dogs after you or the name of your choice (names should be ten letters or less and G rated).

Have a little fun, give a little money (NO AMOUNT IS TOO SMALL and you can opt out of paying the CrowdRise fee), and help RPM save more dogs and cats! (And also keep me from having zero fundraising dollars.)

Feel free to link to this post from your FB or Twitter account. I thank you and so does Gerald, pictured above. He’s safe and ready to travel next week to his new home because of the kindness of folks like you.

Best Friends

Our driver’s funeral service was today. Afterward, I spent time away from everything RPM because sometimes I need to breathe and focus on a bigger picture.

But I can never really escape the dogs. Debby and I went to one of my favorite shops, Body Mind and Soul, where I found bracelets made by Chavez for Charity. The two bracelets I picked out benefited Best Friends Animal Society. It seemed a nice way to honor Charles Roberts’s commitment to the rescue of animals.

Strut Your Mutt!

Rescued Pets Movement is proud to be part of Best Friends’ annual Strut Your Mutt fundraising event. We’re hoping to stay in first place with our fundraising campaign, and we know we’ll have a lot of fun at the October 15 Strut Your Mutt day in Houston. Come out and join us!

If you can’t join us, you can still donate. This year, I didn’t form my own team. Instead, I donated to Timothy J. Lambert’s team. He would LOVE for you to help him reach his fundraising goal. You can go to his team page and read why this matters to him and even donate by clicking here: Houston: Timothy Lambert.

Thank you for helping us take Houston’s dogs and cats (and so far, two PIGS!) from death row to loving homes. We will always work to save them all!

National Suicide Prevention Week

September 5-11 is National Suicide Prevention Week. Every day I think of our nephew Aaron. I think of all the times we laughed together. I think of his playful nature, his wisdom, his compassion, the food and dogs and books and movies he liked. I think of the many photos his mother shared when we lived so far apart that allowed me to watch him as he grew up. I think of his visits to The Compound as he got older and the cherished place he took among our family and friends. I contemplate how he loved us and protected us, especially his parents, from the truth of the depression that engulfed him.

No matter how much I wish I could, I can never forget the stark truth of his last day and the terrible phone call that began my reality of living in a world without him. He killed himself just before his high school graduation. His friends overflowed his memorial service to say goodbye.

This year we didn’t celebrate his college graduation. We won’t know which career choices he might have made. We won’t see him marry, or hold his first child, or be part of all the celebrations and challenges that every family goes through together. Aaron didn’t take that from us. Depression did.

I wish no parent, no child, no brother or sister, no aunt or uncle, no grandparent, no cousin, no friend would ever have to know this kind of loss.

For more information about recognizing the risk factors and warning signs of suicide, please visit the American Association of Suicidology website. If you are struggling, please visit the Suicide Prevention Lifeline website. You can call 1-800-273-TALK (8255) and you’ll be connected to a skilled, trained counselor at a crisis center in your area, anytime 24/7.

We love you, Aaron, and hold your memory in our hearts.

Sad Eyes

These goofballs, with their Margaret Keane eyes. Big dogs on transport day like to turn their butts to my camera because I’m about the least interesting thing happening. But puppies turn on the pathos, like they are having the worst morning ever. In truth, once in their crates on the vans, most puppies either opt for a nice nap or they transform into hilarious little miscreants, playing tug of war or boxing with each other, shredding their puppy pads, or otherwise creating mayhem. The guilt-inducing portraits are just another part of their charm.

You can go here to see all of the Rescued Pets Movement dogs and cats who traveled in June. And I just joined RPM’s 2016 Saving Pets Challenge. If you want to make a donation to my team, the link is here!