updates soon

Sorry that I haven’t been able to get anything on here. We are okay and so are the dogs. Yes, we are flooded out, but it is MINIMAL compared to what many Houstonians and residents of other cities and communities are enduring. There will be frustrations with clean up and repairs, dealing with insurance and FEMA for home, apartments, and cars–and the expense of it all–YIKES!–but we’ll get there. Right now we are able to stay with Lynne, and other arrangements are being made as well.

Just know that people and hounds are safe with power, food, and lots of water, as well as help from good, good people.

Thank you for checking in on us.

Poor old left behind dog bone in the middle of the floor. There were about a million of these floating around the house and apartments. They and all dog toys and dog beds are trashed. Nothing that’s been in nasty flood water touches the hounds! It’ll be like Christmas when we go home and they get all new stuff. Their stuff will be replaced long before people’s stuff. As it should be.

Backdated Post re Harvey No. 2

On the Monday after Harvey hit, the rain still hadn’t stopped but most of the streets in our area were drivable, with the water flowing quickly into and down the bayous away from us. Tom, Lynne, and I were able to use Debby’s truck to go to RPM’s clinic to meet ANGELS. These angels were the foster family who stepped up to take care of Brandywine and her two daughters Belina and Brinley. Letting another foster take them was hard. But when they jumped out of their car with umbrellas and grabbed the dogs, holding them close and loving on them, I knew that our sweet girls were safe and in great hands. They are such wonderful little dogs, and since I’m posting this AFTER the fact, I can show you their transport photos from almost two weeks after the flood.

Happy lives, little ladies. You were very brave in your foster homes and while being ferried by hand through flood waters to Lynne’s house and safety. You kept us laughing even as destruction happened around us. Guess what: There are no hurricanes in Colorado!


EaDo No. 3

I wish you could see how this looks large and in person. These are tile mosaics called “Navigation” by Jesse Sifuentes and commissioned by the Houston Arts Alliance. The building is at 3130 Navigation Boulevard. East Downtown is a neighborhood in transition; there’s something particularly gratifying about seeing art among weedy lots and rusted buildings. To me, these times are when areas are the best–emerging from decay and before they are fully gentrified and regular folks are priced out of living and having businesses there.

There’s always a place for art anywhere.

Again with the rain

What is it with rain and Mondays? No wonder they write songs about it. Today I was able to go into EaDo again (East Downtown), and because I got lost (normal), I saw even more murals that I want to take photos of. But not only was I there for job-related training, there was a torrential rainstorm.

EaDo has become my blog’s Shangri-La. How will you ever know it exists?