A man and his sleuthing dog

Tonight there was a booksigning and gathering for fans of Dudley, the dog who’s the writer of The Dudley Files for Cary Robinson. At least that’s who Cary says writes this series. I think maybe he’s being modest, the same way he’d be if he knew I was praising him for all he does for Houston’s Homeless Animals. He is a hero for the voiceless, and many is the dog I’ve photographed on transport day because Cary became a passionate advocate for his or her rescue. Tom volunteers with him at BARC, and that only scratches the surface of all the time Cary donates to shelters and rescue organizations. Dudley contributes, too, from the sale of his books.

I was really disappointed that I didn’t get to attend this event, but I’m doing some software training this week that’s kicking my butt. Eventually, it will make my job more efficient and maybe even allow me some free time other than in the middle of the night when actually, I’d just as soon sleep.

Tom was able to go and brought home the third book of The Dudley Files, SOUL HEELER, so I’m about to curl up and enjoy some reading time before I fall asleep.

Transport Thursday!

At least two of the reasons to feel good on transport morning.


It has been so much fun to be out and about and see Houstonians happy and celebratory. If ever a city needed a boost…and baseball delivered, even to those of us who aren’t normally baseball fans.

Also, it’s great to be a big pig named Astro, the fourth pig transported by RPM to a new home where he’ll be allowed to live a good, long life.

Photo Friday, No. 571

Current Photo Friday theme: Vivid

The mural is by Nicky Davis. The text says, Picture yourself here, because we all need to give back. #givehou

I took this on August 20, a week before Hurricane Harvey became Tropical Storm Harvey and dumped 50 inches of rain on Houston. Houstonians have been giving to one another ever since, as I well know. Thank you, Houston.

East Downtown

This is a mural I shot in EaDo just before the flood. I remember that I was going to research it, so I didn’t put it on the blog. Or did I? I feel like I’ve lived in a kind of fog for the last month. Happy mensiversary*, Flood.

Best I can ascertain, the artist is Walker Wooding, though when I try to find it online, there’s a different background. Maybe there is more than one mural, or maybe he changed it for Pride, or maybe he changed it for the Rainbow Coalition.

Regardless, I love the mural.

*Google it.


Dylan Capshaw started his own foundation, the Dylan Capshaw Wildlife Foundation, and I suggest you visit his site and learn more about this remarkable young man and the positive change he’s making in the world.

Dylan, who lives in Arizona, decided to help Houston animals impacted by Hurricane Harvey. His mom, wanting to help, began reaching out to organizations here and had a few suggestions for him, but Dylan told her “this is my thing” and he found Rescued Pets Movement through one of the board members, Katie. Dylan raised $1000 to help RPM locate, rehabilitate, and transport animals displaced by the Harvey floods.

I had the honor of meeting Dylan and his family today when they visited RPM’s clinic to present the DCWF check. Later, they toured the Houston Pets Alive facility which is housing and vetting animals from Houston and surrounding areas who needed shelter and help after the hurricane.

Like these two below, Titus and Pepper. They belonged to an elderly woman who lost her home during the flooding and had to move into a place where she couldn’t take her animals. Along with eight other area dogs pulled today from HPA, Titus and Pepper are already scheduled to transport to rescues waiting in Colorado to get them into good forever homes.


I’ve met a lot of amazing people who help animals over my four-year association with RPM, and if you want to know why Dylan rocks my world, it’s because he’s ELEVEN YEARS OLD.

Dylan with a little patient at RPM’s clinic.
Dylan hands over his foundation’s check to RPM Executive Director Charles, board members Katie and Timothy, board co-president and founder Cindy, and board member Dana.
Dylan with his supportive and proud family along with board member Timothy, who gave them their tour of the Jack C. Alexander building and a history of RPM.

Thank you, Dylan, not only for the hope you offer animals in need, but for the hope you give the rest of us. You are a light.