Photo Friday, No. 547

Current Photo Friday theme: Bright

For the second week, the Photo Friday theme is “Bright.”

You can find Houston’s Mini Murals all over the city. The one above is on the corner of Main and Alabama. The Mini Murals are painted traffic signal control cabinets meant to brighten our urban landscapes. It’s not often I’m stopped long enough with a ready camera to shoot one from my car. I’m going to try to get more of them, because every time I see one, it makes me happy.

Clutch! Redux

Rescued Pets Movement was a recent beneficiary of a grant from the Clutch City Foundation. The Clutch City Foundation was established by Houston Rockets owner Les Alexander as a way to give back to the Houston community. I was lucky enough to be included among some RPM staff members and volunteers at a Houston Rockets playoff game against the Oklahoma City Thunder–the Rockets won! I brought a Run As One T-shirt home for Tom, and I got a Clutch Bear to celebrate having fun at a great game. Thanks, Rockets, for all you do!

Follow the yellow brick road

On Friday, Timothy and I met our friends Ashley and Angela at the Bayou City Art Festival in Houston’s Memorial Park. I saw so much that I liked and admired–I love the way creative people’s minds work. But hands down, my favorites were the works of artist Amy Flynn. They are “found object robots,” or FOBOTSĀ®. Seriously, go to that site. Look at her photos. Look at her blog. She is AMAZING, and one day I will have some of these critters. In the meantime, how about a little Oz action?

Later that night, Lynne and Ashley joined The Houndstoothers for a cookout and some delicious chocolate cake baked by Debby. It might be someone’s birthday soon. I can’t keep up during birthday season.