The Painters, the middle bedroom

Not sure if you can tell really, but once again we decided not to go with the former white. This is a very pale gray, but it almost seems to have a lavender tone. We like it and are looking forward to redoing this room because most of its furniture other than the bed and one display cabinet was lost.

Work and photos pictured here actually occurred later than post is dated.

Photo Friday, No. 588

Current Photo Friday theme: Pattern

It’s no secret that I like houndstooth. I think I used that fabric for a swing coat for Barbie way back when I had time to sew and watch “Project Runway.” Good times. Lynne created a pattern for the fabric that she’ll use to cover the little stools that go with our tavern tables. The plan is when the house is ready, those tables will be moved from their old location in the office to the wall under the blinds in the library. It’s a good work space for coloring, crafting, and especially for setting up laptops. FOR WHEN WE HAVE VISITORS AGAIN. It’s been over seven months since a Houndstooth Hall Craft Night.

The Painters, master bedroom

We went with an even deeper blue on the walls than we had before. I can not WAIT to sleep in my own bedroom again.

Also, that stuff on the floor is the unrolled and to-be-installed membrane that is going between the plywood subfloor and the tile. THE TILE! Coming soon to a home near you.

Work and photos pictured here actually occurred later than post is dated.

The Painters: the library

There was paneling on the walls of the library. Choice–take out the entire wall to hang new drywall, or just put the drywall on the bottom and–my idea–install a chair rail to separate the two different materials. I think it worked!

By the way, we won’t discuss my skepticism about how this happened while the painters were painting the trim work.

But as you can see from the first photo, Contractor Keith fixed it. He didn’t see my meltdown, but he heard about it.

Work and photos pictured here actually occurred later than post is dated.

And now…

…let us pause for a moment to honor drywall.

That familiar view of the living room, with an appearance by Tom and Just Jack.

A little of the library.

You’ve seen this angle of the library before. Only now the dogs’ secret passageway has been blocked. Don’t think they didn’t notice, because they did. Anime has explored the entire house because like the late great Margot, she is not a fan of change. But as the sweetest dog, she forgives everything.

The other side of that wall, the dining room from a few posts previous.

Another view of the library. Eventually we’ll have a new front door.

We can no longer see light through the lower walls of our bedroom where light should not have been coming in.

The guest room. Because one day, we’ll have guests again. If Jack doesn’t scare them away.

The middle room. Like the middle child (Delta), it probably gets less blog exposure. Also like the middle child, it can be very charming. One day that will be true again.

There’s not a way to measure the happiness that seeing this progress on Houndstooth Hall gives me. But I can say when I was talking to Keith Our Contractor the other day about paint colors, he said it made him happy to see me smiling. I think I’m doing a lot more of that. =)

That one wall of the living room

How it was just before we moved in, early 2015.

Tom and I picked that accent wall color because we wanted something our Rothko print (thanks, Amy!) would look good against (hi, little foster dog Raina!):

How it looked this morning:

See that big roll on the right? That is insulation!

Yes, that was put in today, and tomorrow, the drywall crew begins. PROGRESS AT LAST!