Lost, not found

In 1998, on my first trip to NYC, accompanied by my friend James, I met Timothy J. and Timmy in person for the first time. Another special someone suggested I do one really touristy thing while there, so he took Tim and me to the top of the Empire State Building.

I’d taken my Canon 35mm on my trip, but it was large, so I purchased a smaller Canon in NYC that slipped easily into my coat pocket.

It also slipped easily out of my coat pocket, into the back of a cab, with a finished roll of film inside that included most of my great photos of the Tims as well as my shots of the Special Someone with Tim and me at the Empire State Building.

Occasionally, I try out various phrases in Google pictures to see if anyone developed my film and tried to get the pictures back to me. Amazingly, this actually happens for lots of other sad tourists. If only craigslist had existed back in 1998.

I know it’s not news…

…that I am crazy about my friend and writing partner, Timothy J. Lambert. But the last week has just reminded me again as I’ve watched him with the Big Goofy Yellow Dog now known as River. I have always called Tim “the dog whisperer” because he taught Margot and Guinness many things after taking up residence in the apartment behind our house. They are wonderful dogs anyway, but he made them even better.

So I’m not surprised by his patience and kindness with River. Or the many walks he and River have taken as Tim has tried to find River’s home and family. Or the way he scheduled River’s upcoming vet visit so we can make sure he gets or stays healthy. Or the way he’s already taught River to sit, to behave well on a leash, and to accept his crate.

Just now, the girls and I sat on the office couch, staring out the window, as Tim came outside to put fresh water in River’s bowl. And watching this big, gentle dog wag his tail and follow every move Tim made with that adoring expression unique to dogs just melted my heart.

I don’t know if River will stay with us. He may be in poor health. His other family may eventually see our “found dog” signs and call. Someone else may adopt him away from us. But I know that for whatever time River gets to stay with Tim, he’s the luckiest dog in the world.

It’s All About Tim (Again)

Today is Tim’s birthday. I thought he’d decided to turn 31, but I just read in his LJ that he’s going with the real number, 33. Which means he could be older than me soon.

The cable was down last night ALL NIGHT, so I couldn’t be online doing the usual relentless Google searches. I used the time to make his cake. After I iced/frosted it (what part of the country are YOU from?), I wanted to do the little scroll work in icing/frosting around the edges. I had some chocolate icing/frosting left over from the last cake I baked, but not enough. Then I remembered how much he loves peanut butter. I mixed the chocolate with peanut butter and–voila!–problem solved. Then I scattered Reeses Pieces over the top.

Happy you-got-peanut-butter-in-my-chocolate birthday, Tim!

Palmetto Bugs, Revisited

Deep in one of Tim’s journal entries, Rhonda (rightfully) chastised me for letting Houstonians in THE DEAL use the term “palmetto bug.” She also wrote entertainingly of her mother’s assault on these tree roaches with flip flops, then Rhonda shocked me by saying she goes after them with a rolled up newspaper. My answer, below.
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Hey, Rhonda!

Get yourself a belated birthday present on June 1, when you can buy the U.S. release of “And Tango Makes Three,” the story of two gay male penguins at Manhattan’s Central Park Zoo who get some help with their desire to have a family. (Authors: Peter Parnell and Justin Richardson)

Penguin love! =)

Private Entries

I just scrolled back through my Live Journal and made a bunch of entries “Friends” only. So if you’re one of those fabulous people from elsewhere (you know who you are, and so do I) and you think you may be missing out on something extraordinary that I’ve said, you’re probably not. But if you get your own Live Journal name and let me know (it’s free, after all!), I’ll add you to the “Friends” list.