July Photo A Day: Fave Food

I wouldn’t say that Jambalaya is one of my fave foods, but I will say that ANY meal prepared by someone else feels like a favorite because it gives me a break from the kitchen. My brother-in-law Brad made the jambalaya, squash, and cornbread, and it was all delicious. The cornbread was a new recipe he tried for the first time. Before I took a piece, I said, “Did you use sugar in this?” He gave me a stunned look and said, “I’m a Southerner, and my approach to cornbread is traditionalist. NO sugar.” Cornbread is a fave food for me, and his version tasted great.

Prompt from FMS Photo A Day.

July Photo A Day: Hot

I don’t eat hot and spicy foods. One year, my father-in-law was cooking something, and when I asked if I could help him do anything, he said I could slice the jalapeños. By the time I finished, my hands were on fire, and I tried all kinds of home remedies to take the burn away. Fortunately, I didn’t rub my eyes, because I’ve heard of people doing that to their deepest regret.

I haven’t touched a jalapeño since. I’ve even been known to get someone else to remove a guilty-looking banana pepper if one is served with my entrée.

Prompt from FMS Photo A Day.

July Photo A Day: Inspirational

Here’s Tim shooting a photo of the building that houses the Menil Collection. Going there with him and Jim on Wednesday was inspirational because I saw a painting by Jean DuBuffet that helped me visualize a painting I’ve been commissioned to do.

I’ve shown you Jean DuBuffet’s sculpture on my blog before: namely, this piece that used to be in downtown Houston but was relocated to Discovery Green Park near the George R. Brown Convention Center.

Monument Au Fantome

The Menil no longer allows photography, even without a flash. This page on the Menil site includes a quick look at the painting among the other pieces of the exhibit it’s in. And though it’s not the same painting, this photo I found online is similar:

Prompt from FMS Photo A Day.