Guilty Pleasure?

I know at least two people who have called Project Runway their guilty pleasure. I love this show, and I refuse to feel guilty. Even though I’m hardly a fashion maven and don’t know much about design, here is why the show appeals to me.

I believe that designers are artists, and how often will I get to see an artist at work, using his or her creativity and skill to meet a challenge under ridiculous deadlines with limited resources? And not only that, but see how that artist competes with other artists to come up with the most innovative result?

I can’t imagine this challenge to a dozen writers: Here are 100 words. Use them to write a poem in two hours that is uniquely yours. Not only will you be judged by three critically acclaimed poets, but your poem will be compared to the poems of the other eleven writers. And you have to write your poem in the same room as the other eleven, and they’ll be able to look over your shoulder at what you’re writing BEFORE you get a chance to polish, edit, or finish it. Finally, it will all be broadcast so that the world can witness your meltdown. Oh, and someone else will be reading your poem out loud, so if your reader does a lousy job, it can affect the outcome. Good luck!

I think I would be eliminated very quickly.