Runway Monday: Welcome to the Future (PR 13:3)

In the third challenge of Lifetime’s Project Runway, the show celebrated fashion magazine Marie Claire’s twenty years in business. The designers were asked to take a look back at where they were twenty years ago and create a look inspired by something from that time that was relevant today and might also be fashionable twenty years from now.

Twenty years ago I was doing a job I loved working with a few people who became real friends, including Amy. She had a couple of dresses that always cheered me up when she wore them, and I told her if she ever decided to get rid of them, I wanted to use the fabric to cover pillows. Guess what? Yes, I still have those dresses today; they’ve been hanging in storage in my garage since 1997; you can see the two of them pictured on the left.

I can think back in twenty year increments since long before I was born, and one thing has remained a constant. A girl in a pretty dress makes people smile. Whether or not I’m alive in twenty years, if that has changed, then fashion is dead. I used one of Amy’s dresses for fabric to create a look in a timeless silhouette for Noel.

Necklace by Becks. Shoes by Mattel.

Looking forward to the future when I’ll see you again on the runway!

Fabric donated by Sweet Lil’ Amy Sue. Doll donated by John and Matt. You might remember that Noel is not a Model Muse but a standard Barbie who came all the way from New York after a visit to Mood. A classic never goes out of style.

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Runway Monday: Unconventional Movie Night (PR 13:2)

In the second challenge of Lifetime’s Project Runway, the designers were taken to Manhattan’s Village East Cinema and told they could remove whatever they could carry from the theater’s props and concession items to create an unconventional materials look. They were working in teams, and I don’t have one. Though I’m still looking for workroom elves who don’t want to be paid. I have plenty for you to do.

If I’d only watched this episode a day or two earlier, I could have snagged some things from the Alamo Draft House Cinema. Instead, I found candy with film-themed wrapping. This is what I used to create a fabric for a movie-inspired dress for my model Caprice.

Can you see the reels of film winding around each of her shoulders?

Hope this look makes you want to pop some corn and watch your favorite movie. See you next time on the runway!

Caprice gift of Timothy J. Lambert. Shoes and jewelry by Mattel. Belt by Becks.

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Runway Monday: The Judges Decide (PR 13:1)

It’s the thirteenth season of Lifetime’s Project Runway, and like a big dumbass, I’m doing the challenges again! But I swear you won’t see any endorsements for refrigerators on this blog (unless they pay me), or Mary Kay Cosmetics (unless they pay me), or Phillip B. hair products (unless–you get the idea).

This week, the designers were to create a look that would give the judges a glimpse of how their spring collections would look if they presented at New York Fashion Week. The catch: they could select only fabrics found at their work stations. In an attempt to parallel the designers’ limited options, I restricted myself to fabrics that I received on my birthday.

Tim Gunn and Astrid, my model for this week’s challenge, show the fabric selection and welcome you to a new season!

I chose the sheer floral and Hello Kitty fabrics. Lest you think Hello Kitty is just for kids, here’s a look at the window of the Hustler Hollywood adult lingerie shop in New Orleans. Check out the bottom left corner.

Here’s the spring look I created for Astrid.

Hello Kitty peeks over the black band of the empire waist.

Hope you enjoyed the look. See you next time on the runway!

Astrid and the fabrics gift of Timothy J. Lambert; Mattel shoes gift of Matt and Johnnie. Black ribbon and sewing supplies from Lynne. Hello Kitty paid me nothing. Freeloaders.

Button Sunday

Happy Pride weekend to those celebrating it across the country. I walked to Houston’s Pride parade last night. Though there’d been rain during the day and I feared the humidity might kill me, there was actually a breeze blowing so it was almost pleasant. I don’t know how we used to endure the heat during midday parades.

Though I haven’t gone to the parade for the last couple of years mostly because of the heat, this year I was more motivated. Tim made me aware that designer Mondo Guerra, “Project Runway” veteran, was the parade’s celebrity grand marshal. As much as I enjoyed Mondo’s creations on PR, I most admire him for his HIV/AIDS awareness advocacy.

I was able to get a good couple of photos. In addition to his bold designs and activism, Mondo (in the red slacks) has quite a collection of eyeglasses. Last night’s frames sparkled.

Button Sunday

Last month at Murder By The Book, Johnnie and Matt slyly sneaked a shopping bag to me before the Foolish Hearts/Best Gay Romance 2014 book signing. Apparently they did a bit of shopping when they were last in New York City, including a trip to Mood, everybody’s favorite designer fabric store.

While there, they purchased fabric for me that we all know we’ll see sometime in the future adorning any number of Mattel Muses.

But that’s not all. They also gave me a Fashion Mix & Match Barbie!

As it happens, they’d taken her shopping with them to Mood, where they were helped by Noel, so that’s the name they gave her. (I hope Mood’s Noel is spelled that way, because I already have a Noelle who wouldn’t appreciate having her name given to someone else.)

Thank you SO SO MUCH, Matt and Johnnie. I’m sure Noel had a great time in NYC with you two. Now she’s settling into the work room here–in good company.

Notice her shopping bag, which is a gift Mark G. Harris sent me long ago. Tim Gunn, you may remember, is courtesy of Marika.

I know the best and most generous people. =)

The Sartorial Archie

At the last Rescued Pets Movement transport, I met Archie. Archie is a chihuahua, about three months old.

What sets Archie apart? He’s a fashion hound! As you can imagine, this put Archie squarely in my camera sights. His foster mom, Kathy, told me that Archie loves to be dressed. The outfit he’s pictured in is his favorite. Kathy suspects that Archie is well on his way to becoming one of those sartorialists who wants to pick out his own outfit every day.

Archie defies the foolish notion that pink is for girls.

Archie knows that looking one’s best means considering everything. For example, when choosing to bundle up for warmth, match your blankets to emphasize the highlights in your hair.

Archie believes that when being photographed, a natural background and some Burberry plaid are nice touches.

You know what else Archie thinks? That when you need a foster family, you can’t go wrong with someone who has, through the years, fostered 156 other dogs, and still understands that you’re a unique little fellow who deserves to have your tastes indulged.

I think Archie’s right. Thank you, Kathy, and your family, for opening your home and hearts to Archie. I know the family who adopts him will give him as much love and care as you have. He’ll help them figure out he needs a little fashion in his life, too.

Runway Monday All Stars: Are U.N. or Are You Out?

On the season finale of Lifetime’s Project Runway All Stars, the last three designers were taken to the United Nations headquarters, where they met with delegates from their countries of origin. These countries were to inspire their final collections. In addition, they were asked to add a seventh look that would incorporate a scarf from a wall of scarves representing countries from around the world.

I didn’t get to go to the U.N. or meet a delegate from my country of origin. Does Alabama count? Actually, I decided to take my pick from my English, Scottish, and Irish heritage. I checked out some current Irish fashion designers. When I learned that their runways were filled this year with bold fabrics, including florals paired with clashing prints, animal inspired prints, lace, and the color pink, I knew I’d found my people.

Here’s how that turned out for Catrine DeMew.

And for Venus McFlytrap.

And for Howleen Wolf.

And for GiGi Grant.

And for Catty Noir.

And for Draculaura, whose look incorporates the scarf.

And for Rochelle Goyle.

Thanks for sticking with me throughout this season. The Monsters say goodbye until next time!

From Mattel: shoes and purses, Howleen’s beanie, Venus’s stockings, Rochelle’s socks, and Draculaura’s tights. Scarf used for Draculaura’s tank top from a Harumika kit. Catrine DeMew’s and Rochelle Goyle’s belts by Becks. Venus McFlytrap doll gift of Lynne. Catty Noir doll gift of Marika.

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Runway Monday All Stars: Fashion Cents

On the most recent episode of Lifetime’s Project Runway All Stars, the last four designers were asked to create a look for Michelle Smith’s New York-based fashion label Milly. The looks were to use Michelle’s custom fabrics and retail for $400.

I’m sure it’s no surprise that no one sent me any Milly fabrics to create my look. However, there’s a fabric I’ve had my eye on for a while, a playful print in keeping with some of the brightly colored dresses I’ve seen in other Milly collections. I chose Skelita Calaveras to walk the runway in my look; if anyone can understand the pressure for a model to stay thin, it’s Skelita. I’ll let the design speak for itself.

Hope you’ve enjoyed the look. Skelita is going to eat a sandwich. See the rest of you next time on the runway!

Shoes and bracelet by Mattel.

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Runway Monday All Stars: Another Off Week

There wasn’t an episode of Project Runway All Stars this past week due to the Christmas holiday, so I have no designs to share. However, there are some new Monsters in the house who you may see in future challenges.

First up, Catty Noir, daughter of a werecat, who’s just given up her successful life as a rock star to be a “regular ghoul” at Monster High.

Meanwhile, in Monster High’s Home Ick class, Abbey Bominable is cooking up a recipe for disaster with her new partner Heath Burns. Though I have other versions of Abbey, this is my first Heath doll! It’s always difficult for me to find the boy monsters.

Thanks, Marika, for these Christmas delights! I can’t wait to see where they’ll show up next.