Of course

My house went to hell during the last two weeks of finishing the manuscript. So I’m cleaning. My kitchen was in a complete shambles, and I just let the dog dirt fall where it would from the rugs when I took them out to clean them (the rugs, not the dogs), so my kitchen/mud porch floors looked like a dirt bike trail. And that is the moment when my mother, who believes that cleanliness is next to Joan Crawfordness, walked in the back door.

She commented on the floors, then asked if someone was coming. (Hello? How did I get the reputation that I only clean when someone’s due to visit—shut up, Tim!) Little does she know that, indeed, her son is due to arrive sometime within the next 24 hours to spend her 80th birthday with her. Heh heh.

It’s in the stars…

I’m less than 2448 hours away from being able to ship my manuscript to the publisher. Everything’s written, and most of it has been heavily edited by me, and read and edited by Tim and Tom. Jim is reading it, too, and I know he won’t be finished before it ships, but he always finds little things which I can make sure get corrected before it goes to typeset.
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A good moment

Last night, and by last night, I mean 4 a.m., I experienced something that used to happen frequently when Tim and I wrote together in the wee hours. I wrote a line that made me laugh out loud. That’s iffy, because I could have been sleep deprived, plus I tend to be wary when I make myself laugh. When it happened with Tim, I was usually laughing at his lines, or was willing to leave in something I wrote if it made him laugh out loud.

But I tried it out on my mother and Tom tonight, and they both laughed. So it’s staying in.