Bella, Edward, Katnip (first sighting in almost two years!), Lil Eddy Redux (because Kari has the real Lil Eddy), Lestat, and Angelica are shown with their new friend, HC. She looks happy, but the others look so serious. They must have some tough battles ahead. Courage, my little friends!

(You can’t see it in this photo because it’s too small, but as I was photographing this crew, I realized the word on the piece of art over the shoulders of Lestat and Angelica is “courage.” Nothing like having a theme handed to you!)

Photo Friday, No. 530

Current Photo Friday theme: 2016 in Review

I’m finishing 2016 with a big time-traveling, musical blowout. Tom has given me a turntable, and I’ve christened it with my favorite rock and roll song ever, Bruce Springsteen’s “Thunder Road.” I don’t care if my old records are warped and scratchy–like the dude at the music store who sold us the turntable said, “If you want to hear perfection, you’re probably going to download it or buy a CD. If you want to experience all those records you loved…”

So that’s what I’m doing, and honoring Bruce because 2016 is the year the words in his memoir reminded me of everything I love about creativity and honesty and why I need those in my life. I am full of joy because of all the songwriters, poets, and authors and their words and ideas–and all the musicians who gave some of them a soundtrack. Happy old years, happy new year!


If you know me, you know I loved him before the world knew he was Bruuuuuuce! Though we had a slight blip in the late ’80s, I got over it. Now that I’ve read his memoir Born to Run, holy crap, there’s a reason he’s The Boss. I think this may be one of the best rock memoirs I’ve read. Basically, his life is the fictional story I once wanted to write about a musician. Mine remains unpublished, but that’s okay. Bruce is a one of a kind powerhouse, and I can continue to love these pages and all the characters he’s given our world. ‘Cause you know, he’s got this guitar and he learned how to make it talk…

…and I was singing this song for you…

Ugh, this year, the last week…the death of Leonard Cohen, whose songs I’ve had the privilege of teaching as poetry (and Kate McKinnon’s SNL opening was everything, by the way).

Now another loss that sent me to the closet where my silent albums live.

Lucky enough to have seen him at Farm Aid V, and lucky enough to have friends who could afford all his albums when I was a financially struggling youngster. Besides his solo success, Leon Russell recorded and performed with damn near everyone in his long career. Songwriter, session musician, superstar. This is for Debbie and all the nights we listened to Will O’ the Wisp, for that character Douglas and what he owes to Leon Russell, among many, and for Riley, just because I miss him so much.

Judge Jack

Though Thursdays are long for me and I usually fall into bed as early as possible, last night I felt like I needed to give my brain a treat. I took myself to see a late showing of Bridget Jones’s Baby, which no one else at the Hall wanted to see and is on its last days in the theater. I’d rewatched the first two movies recently when I was sick, and since I’m not one of the Bridget fans who felt like the second movie was lackluster, and this one was even more enjoyable, no complaints here. (Sidenote: I’m glad I wasn’t discouraged by reviews of the movie based solely on its trailers. How is that a movie review?) I love Colin Firth, even an older Colin Firth, RenĂ©e Zellweger is still the flawed and funny Bridget, and Patrick Dempsey as a rich man with a soul? I’m in.

Because of my late night, I figured I needed to start today with a good breakfast. While I was cooking it, Jack was riveted at my feet, as if to say, “Whoa! You can do that here? You mean all the food doesn’t come through the door in styrofoam and plastic containers?”

Shut up, Jack. I’m a busy woman.

Welcome to Stars Hollow!

Today, October 5, was the sixteenth anniversary of the first episode that aired of Gilmore Girls. Netflix teamed up with more than 200 coffee shops across the U.S. to celebrate and to promote the four new Gilmore Girls movies that will air on the network in late November. I love coffee, and I love Gilmore Girls, so I went to Houston’s Bosta coffee shop and snapped a few photos for my fellow fans.

Unlike at one pop-up location, Luke portrayer Scott Patterson wasn’t there. But Luke’s personality was strongly present.

Luke never smiles like this beautiful barista!

Lorelai was there in spirit–under the coffee sleeve.

Looking forward to the end of next month when we can all visit Luke’s and Stars Hollow with our favorite residents–and Kirk!–again.