It was my intention to get a full night’s sleep tonight. I went to bed at (for me) a decent hour. And was awakened two hours later by a nightmare.

I hate that.

When Your Subconscious Mind Speed Dials Your Conscious Mind

I try not to share my longass dreams very often, because dreams are generally more interesting to the dreamer than to anyone else.

But in my last moments before waking, I dreamed that Tim and I worked for the current occupant of the White House. We were doing PR for a government program we really believed in and were talking to a group of people about it. A journalism professor walked into the room with a large poster and a candle. The slogan on the large poster said, “Thirty-five years ago, I carried this in protest.” Beneath that was a smaller poster that said, “GET OUT OF VIETNAM NOW.” He had crossed out VIETNAM and written IRAQ. He sat down on the floor in front of us with his candle and faced a mostly hostile group. Tim and I looked at each other a moment then, without a word, we both slid out of our chairs and sat down next to him, knowing that was the end of our employment.

My dream switched to election day, year unknown, and I was looking at results on TV that said Bush had received 8% of the vote. I frantically looked at the other candidate’s name to determine which election it was and saw, “Gore, 90%.” And in that split second before I woke up, I was happy because it was like rewinding a tape to a world before 2001.


I really like both my editors (John, Kensington) (Nick, Alyson), but today I REALLY like Nick, who did his Norma Rae for Tim and me. Now if we can just get the cover we want for THREE FORTUNES IN ONE COOKIE, work will be good.

Last night I dreamed that Tim is going to be Michael Stipe’s groupie. Maybe this R.E.M. obsession is getting too intense.

I’m almost finished with my 2004 paperwork, which means I can file my taxes sooner. If only I could afford my accountant.