homecoming draws closer

Progress is being made!

There are doors and trim to be painted, cabinets to stain, and a bathroom sink to remove from the middle of the kitchen floor…

You can tell things are happening because it’s the RETURN OF THE DEBRIS PILE ON THE CURB!

The mayor says Phase 1 of debris removal is complete. We need Phase 2 to reach our neighborhood, because all the houses whose curbs weren’t full are full now, and almost all of us who had stuff removed now have more. Also, our streets are full of nails and other tire-unfriendly things. Now that Tom and I have replaced both cars, we’d like to keep our tires. (In the Yes I’m Bitter Department: we BOTH bought new tires for our cars just before Harvey came and drowned them.)

Also back with us are two Lambert dogs (Pollock is sticking with Tim in the secret Unicorn Sanctuary).

Here’s Penny gazing at the door to Fox Den. She wants to be there so much with Tim and her siblings.

And Pixie’s not impressed by the current Houndstooth Hall decor.

It won’t be too much longer, P Dogs. Then at least half of this will be out of what used to be the office.

The rest will go when Debby’s place is finished. They don’t have any furniture, but they’ll have lots of boxes!


Dylan Capshaw started his own foundation, the Dylan Capshaw Wildlife Foundation, and I suggest you visit his site and learn more about this remarkable young man and the positive change he’s making in the world.

Dylan, who lives in Arizona, decided to help Houston animals impacted by Hurricane Harvey. His mom, wanting to help, began reaching out to organizations here and had a few suggestions for him, but Dylan told her “this is my thing” and he found Rescued Pets Movement through one of the board members, Katie. Dylan raised $1000 to help RPM locate, rehabilitate, and transport animals displaced by the Harvey floods.

I had the honor of meeting Dylan and his family today when they visited RPM’s clinic to present the DCWF check. Later, they toured the Houston Pets Alive facility which is housing and vetting animals from Houston and surrounding areas who needed shelter and help after the hurricane.

Like these two below, Titus and Pepper. They belonged to an elderly woman who lost her home during the flooding and had to move into a place where she couldn’t take her animals. Along with eight other area dogs pulled today from HPA, Titus and Pepper are already scheduled to transport to rescues waiting in Colorado to get them into good forever homes.


I’ve met a lot of amazing people who help animals over my four-year association with RPM, and if you want to know why Dylan rocks my world, it’s because he’s ELEVEN YEARS OLD.

Dylan with a little patient at RPM’s clinic.
Dylan hands over his foundation’s check to RPM Executive Director Charles, board members Katie and Timothy, board co-president and founder Cindy, and board member Dana.
Dylan with his supportive and proud family along with board member Timothy, who gave them their tour of the Jack C. Alexander building and a history of RPM.

Thank you, Dylan, not only for the hope you offer animals in need, but for the hope you give the rest of us. You are a light.

Transport Thursday!

Mel is the stuff country songs are made of.

He was a stray dog on the streets of Houston.

He was run over by a train.

While he was in the hospital, the rest of his family was found and rescued. Some immediately got parvo. (They are okay; no worries.)

Mel did have to get a leg amputated because of the incident with the train.

Out of the hospital, he ran away from his foster home ON THREE LEGS.

A tenacious dog rescuer tracked him through the woods and brought him back.

He’s traveled to Colorado now. I suspect Mel will end up with his own reality show and a pack of admirers. (I am among them.)