In 2015 I agreed with People Magazine’s choice of David Beckham as the Sexiest Man Alive, and not just because we share a nickname. Besides his great athletic career, he’s a devoted family man and a philanthropist. What’s not sexy about that?

Some people might think his little namesake is not quite as handsome, but he’s sure as fortunate. He was saved from death row; now he’s gone to find his forever family in the Badger State. And his foster mom Judy made sure he took a little bit of Texas along with him. Happy Trails and Tails, Beckham!

Strut Your Mutt!

Rescued Pets Movement is proud to be part of Best Friends’ annual Strut Your Mutt fundraising event. We’re hoping to stay in first place with our fundraising campaign, and we know we’ll have a lot of fun at the October 15 Strut Your Mutt day in Houston. Come out and join us!

If you can’t join us, you can still donate. This year, I didn’t form my own team. Instead, I donated to Timothy J. Lambert’s team. He would LOVE for you to help him reach his fundraising goal. You can go to his team page and read why this matters to him and even donate by clicking here: Houston: Timothy Lambert.

Thank you for helping us take Houston’s dogs and cats (and so far, two PIGS!) from death row to loving homes. We will always work to save them all!

Photo Friday, No. 518: Day 6

Current Photo Friday theme: Seven Day Challenge

Unfinished Project 6: Getting Organized. I’m always jotting down bits of information from RPM’s board members and staff about our rescue partners, medical protocols, and other minutiae to help me with my job. So I got this nifty Houndstooth journal to input everything in one easy reference guide. But all I seem to do is stick all those little notes and bits of paper inside it. ONE DAY I’ll get this together, and then watch out for Super Organized Becks!

The current Photo Friday theme involves taking photos of anything for seven days. I’ll be posting seven days of photos that I’m calling Unfinished Projects.

By the way, those beautiful flowers are from the wonderful folks at RPM in honor of Guinness.

Our Silly Old G Dog

Tonight, surrounded by people who love her, and eating treats until she fell asleep, our funny, quirky Guinness left us to find her big sister Margot at the Rainbow Bridge. I used to say that if I made a list of qualities I wanted in a dog, Guinness wouldn’t have matched them. Which shows that I know nothing, because she was the best girl, the best companion, the most entertaining of friends, and she was so sweet that everyone who ever met her loved her. Anytime someone questioned her intelligence, I reminded them that she had exactly the life she wanted. Not so dumb, that Guinness. She loved all treats and cheeseburgers. Actually, the only thing we ever offered her that she didn’t eat was a freshly caught fish. Apparently it needed to started smelling bad before it could entice her.

She was empathic and if she knew there was anything wrong with you, she’d lean in to you and give you all the love twenty-five pounds could give. Her heart was as big as her home state of Texas. And though her eyesight and hearing had dimmed, and her joints were stiff, and she had more than a touch of dementia, though she mostly liked to snooze and be left alone, she adapted to a new house and yard, the loss of her best friend Margot, and the new dogs who came into our home, some for a brief time and some to stay.

Run free, sweet Guinness.