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100 Happy Days: 24

When I have a migraine (today), pretty much the only thing that can make me happy is my bed in a cool, dark room.

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100 Happy Days: 23

I don’t mind spiders as long as they’re outside. I like their webs. And it makes me happy to have a camera that can photograph cobwebs–even abandoned ones.

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100 Happy Days: 20

I made it to Day 20 before I resorted to a food post! Here are the sides for our Tex-Mex tonight: cheese, sour cream, chiles, onions, black olives, tomatoes, and lettuce to go in beef and/or bean burritos, or to … Continue reading

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100 Happy Days: 19

The best part of waking up in summer isn’t coffee. It’s morning glories.

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100 Happy Days: 16

Being able to make my own coffee frapp├ęs using the Ninja. My version of a Starbucks Frappuccino.

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100 Happy Days: 10

The unexpected. Looked out my rain-spattered kitchen window to see if the sky was clearing and saw this guy looking back at me. Fortunately Tom was nearby to hand over the camera before Squirrel darted off.

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100 Happy Days: 9

Some weeks… But at least the Monday to Friday part of it ends with friends and conversation and a meal together. Lindsey even did some crafting. I’m just sharing the recyclable evidence of what we see as our Friday indulgence.

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100 Happy Days: 8

No matter what the planet puts them through, they always return to make it prettier.

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Surprise Visitor

There’s nothing that will lift my spirits like a child who’s beautiful inside and out. I had a visit from Hanley today, too!

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100 Happy Days: 5

A modest thunderstorm dropped the temperature from the nineties to the mid-seventies, and in Houston in late June, that’s reason enough to be happy. Plus it gave the plants in Aaron’s garden a good drink of water. Bonus: Muddy path … Continue reading

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