Always A Follower

Even though I usually want to be just like Tim, apparently Famous Author Rob Byrnes (scroll down that page for Rob’s commentary on coffee) is edging his way into my unnatural obsessiveness. Today I got up and realized we were out of coffee. But even in my befuddled state, I remembered that there were some beans tucked away in the freezer. I got them, ground them, and proceeded to make coffee. Or so I thought. The coffeemaker. Is. Dead.

My Writing Partners

I can’t wait to see Jim and Timmy when they get here tonight. It’s been nearly two years since Tim and I saw Timmy, and nearly a year and a half since we saw Jim. Not only will we have the personal enjoyment of a reunion, but this is where ideas are born for Timothy James Beck.

Of course, Timmy’s flight was delayed. It’s always an adventure when he flies here. But still, by midnight tonight, the four writers will be together and entertaining Tom and the dogs.

So anyway…

….I may eventually even get the hang of this.

If anyone reading this ever goes to bookstores, and you see an author sitting all alone at a table waiting to sign books, just buy one. So what if it’s “Favorite Midwestern Recipes Using Jello?” An autographed book always makes a nice gift for your Aunt Hazel or someone.

It’s very hard to be an author sitting all alone at a table. That’s why I have writing partners.