Books and paintings

Today I read Greg Herren’s Bourbon Street Blues, our introduction to Scotty Bradley, dancer turned personal trainer turned detective. I’d read the second in the series, Jackson Square Jazz quite a while back, and it was fun to see how it began. Scotty lives life on his own terms, a quality I always appreciate, and his parents crack me up. It was a little disquieting to read about the levees and Scotty’s visions of New Orleans under water, since the book came out in 2003.

I looked again for the cover of Greg’s next Scotty novel, Mardi Gras Mambo, to put it here, but it’s still not floating around the Internet. However, I did find this painting by the same title:

Sarah Griffith is a Southeastern artist (Baton Rouge), and I find many of her paintings quite intriguing.

I love making unexpected discoveries.

The Secrets of Tim

My friend and writing partner, Timothy J. Lambert, is not only a gifted writer but also sings and plays the violin, among other instruments, plus he is skilled at growing plants and flowers, and he has a way of making dogs listen to him. Many Geminis seem to receive an abundance of talents; disgusting, isn’t it?

But wait. That’s not all.
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And since I’m talking about artists….

….and THREE FORTUNES, a Rothko painting is featured predominantly in our novel. I have a wonderful book full of Rothko’s art that Tom gave me one Christmas, and he has asked which of Mark Rothko’s paintings belongs to the fictitious Godbee family. I have my preferences, but I think every reader should let it be whichever painting he or she imagines.
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