Think Pink

If you ever glance at my LJ links, you may have noticed one for Knottyboy, which is the blog of Wayne, “a self professed liberal with aspirations of slapping the shit out of bush & cheney on Hardball Live!” (His self-description changes periodically, which is part of the fun.)

Our friend and reader Lisa in Iowa followed that link, began reading Wayne’s blog, and ultimately visited, live and in person, Blue Fox Gallery, which features the art of Wayne and his other half, Tony. I’ve seen a photo of some of the art Lisa bought hanging on the wall of her house. It is SO COOL to know that my Live Journal provided a means for them to connect.

Recently, I was reading, on Wayne’s blog, about a T-shirt painting party he and Tony had with some of their friends. Readers of Three Fortunes in One Cookie may remember a conversation in which Shanon asks Phillip if he’s the black sheep of his family, and he replies, “More like the pink one.” So you’ll understand why I think the serendipity of Tony’s T-shirt is another thing that’s SO COOL. Thanks, Wayne, for graciously providing me a copy of the photo. You and Tony help color my world.

Traveling painter

When I was a freshman in college, an artist visited our campus for a few days, painting in the open air at our student center. It was amazing to watch him coat a canvas in paint, then use a variety of brushes, painting and palette knives, and I don’t know what else to rapidly create a still-life, usually a little bit of swamp, a little bit of flora…

My then-boyfriend surprised me with one of the paintings that Christmas. All I knew was the artist’s first name, Ron, and that he called his painting/performance “RonArt.” On a whim, I did a Google search and actually found another artist, Gill Pollard who’d put this photo of Ron (Edwards) on his site.

Never mind how many years this takes me back, although the onlookers’ hairstyles should be a clue. I wonder whatever happened to Ron.

Coasting through Christmas

Laura tried to hide how thrilled she was to get her lime-accented gifts of the sponges and candles. But I could tell that she was almost sick with joy when she opened her lemon-slice coasters. How often does a two-dollar expenditure bring that much emotion to someone’s face? I knew that my little offering meant much more than the diamond earrings from her husband and that iPod thingie she got from her in-laws. Why, they were struggling all afternoon to download songs onto the iPod thingie. But the coasters, sponges, and candles–those are things that she can enjoy immediately without having to read a bunch of instructions!
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Books and paintings

Today I read Greg Herren’s Bourbon Street Blues, our introduction to Scotty Bradley, dancer turned personal trainer turned detective. I’d read the second in the series, Jackson Square Jazz quite a while back, and it was fun to see how it began. Scotty lives life on his own terms, a quality I always appreciate, and his parents crack me up. It was a little disquieting to read about the levees and Scotty’s visions of New Orleans under water, since the book came out in 2003.

I looked again for the cover of Greg’s next Scotty novel, Mardi Gras Mambo, to put it here, but it’s still not floating around the Internet. However, I did find this painting by the same title:

Sarah Griffith is a Southeastern artist (Baton Rouge), and I find many of her paintings quite intriguing.

I love making unexpected discoveries.

The Secrets of Tim

My friend and writing partner, Timothy J. Lambert, is not only a gifted writer but also sings and plays the violin, among other instruments, plus he is skilled at growing plants and flowers, and he has a way of making dogs listen to him. Many Geminis seem to receive an abundance of talents; disgusting, isn’t it?

But wait. That’s not all.
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And since I’m talking about artists….

….and THREE FORTUNES, a Rothko painting is featured predominantly in our novel. I have a wonderful book full of Rothko’s art that Tom gave me one Christmas, and he has asked which of Mark Rothko’s paintings belongs to the fictitious Godbee family. I have my preferences, but I think every reader should let it be whichever painting he or she imagines.
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