Merry Christmas!

However you celebrate, whatever you celebrate, even if you don’t celebrate, I celebrate you. I know that not everyone is happy at this time of year. We’re stressed, we’re facing challenges, we miss people who are far away or who we’ve lost. I’m glad you’re here, and I wish all good things for you. You may not know it, but every day there’s someone whose life you affect in a good way.

Above is LAST YEAR’s photo, our last Christmas at The Compound. Behind us is a mural on the wooden garage doors that Lindsey generously painted using Where the Wild Things Are as her inspiration. I worried the new owner might replace the doors or paint over it, but he considers it part of the charm of the property.

I usually don’t post our holiday photo until it’s been sent to our friends and family in our Christmas cards. I was still mailing our 2014 cards at EASTER–in fact, I never finished mailing them!–so I never published the photo.

This year, I’ve barely begun mailing cards, but I’ve learned from my mistake. You can see below how our family has grown at Houndstooth Hall, with Debby, Harley, and Stewie in Fairy Cottage. Tim lives in Fox Den with Pixie, Penny, and Pollock. Though Margot is no longer with us, Tom and I made sure she was with her sisters Guinness and Anime for one more family photo (thank you, Lynne!). And thank you all for continuing to read my scant entries here or on Facebook. I look forward to the good things the new year will bring for us all!

Button Sunday

I know this button is about Hobbits, but it reminds me of a video I saw yesterday. When asked, more than 80 percent of children said if they had a choice between getting a present they really wanted, or giving a present to a child who might not get anything for Christmas, they’d rather give a gift.

Speaking of gifts, Lila is enjoying writing letters these days, and she recently made a card for me. She likes helping her mom and grandmother find ugly pig ornaments for me–in fact, they saw one while shopping and asked Lila if they should buy it, and she said, “No. Not ugly enough.” So her card celebrates my pig collection.

I was mystified by “Hg,” and no one else could tell me what it meant. When Lila came back through the room, she said, “That’s the sound a pig makes.” She’s absolutely right. A pig does say, “Hg.”

Also, her style reminds me of artist Cy Twombly.