30 Days of Creativity: Day 30–Party

The Adventures of Katnip: 50

Cuddle: Wheeeee!

John Riley: It’s not a party till a critter gets glitter-bombed.

We made it! Today brings this year’s 30 Days of Creativity to a close. I hope you’ve enjoyed it. I did. I also enjoyed this past weekend, not only because there was much to celebrate during Pride this year, but because it was a puppy party all weekend thanks to these two visitors.

Annie needs a rest after hard partying.

But Pax is still rarin’ to go.

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30 Days of Creativity: Day 29–Layers

The Adventures of Katnip: 49

“Cookbooks are magical, too,” Cuddle said.

I wasn’t surprised that a critter made by Russell Stover wanted to re-create a chocolate cake from the old Good Housekeeping Cookbook we ran into.

About 30 Days of Creativity here.
Full Katnip set here.

Katnip’s spirit was willing, but either my chocolate, my tools, or my skills were weak, because my chocolate shavings only crumbled. It doesn’t matter: Happy Pride, Houston! I baked you a cake.

30 Days of Creativity: Day 25–Ampersand

The Adventures of Katnip: 45

“It’s such a tiny thing to contain so many worlds,” I said. “It’s a library and a bookstore in one place.”

“It’s a magic bookcase,” John Riley said.

“It’s Snoopy’s doghouse!” Cuddle added.

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About 30 Days of Creativity here.
Full Katnip set here.