My Rant for the Day

We all do things now and then that we wouldn’t share with our parents. Getting drunk with our friends in high school. Blowing off classes in college. Getting involved with a person who’s absolutely wrong for us. Losing our religion. Getting fired from a job because we deserve it. Leaving the kids with a sitter so we can do something totally self-indulgent.
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Bloggers and Stuff

Blog exploring is a little like the literary concept of stream of consciousness. One blog takes you to another, and another, and pretty soon you have no idea how you got to where you ended up.

Last night, I found the blog of two Minnesota boys about to move to NYC. One just graduated from college with a degree in art, I think. The other in journalism. On their site, they had this exclusive interview with Judy Shepard, mother of Matthew Shepard. It held particular meaning for me in light of a discussion Tim and I had earlier in the evening. Or the wee small hours of the morning. Whatever.

There’s another blog I’ve been reading for a while that has great photographs and stories to go with them. Recently, I had reason to send that blogger a card to the snail mail address on his web site. Last night, his blog and web site were gone. Vanished! For a while, I was afraid he thought I was stalking him and had gone into the witness protection program. But this morning, everything seems to be as it should be.

My blog universe is back in balance.


It’s All About Tim (Again)

Today is Tim’s birthday. I thought he’d decided to turn 31, but I just read in his LJ that he’s going with the real number, 33. Which means he could be older than me soon.

The cable was down last night ALL NIGHT, so I couldn’t be online doing the usual relentless Google searches. I used the time to make his cake. After I iced/frosted it (what part of the country are YOU from?), I wanted to do the little scroll work in icing/frosting around the edges. I had some chocolate icing/frosting left over from the last cake I baked, but not enough. Then I remembered how much he loves peanut butter. I mixed the chocolate with peanut butter and–voila!–problem solved. Then I scattered Reeses Pieces over the top.

Happy you-got-peanut-butter-in-my-chocolate birthday, Tim!