Button Sunday

If that doesn’t make you nervous, it should.

I don’t talk about writing because I’m not writing. Also, I’ve become one of those writers who generally feels that talking about writing is boring as shit. Actually, through the years, I’ve laughed during a lot more conversations about shit than about writing. But I digress.

Certainly I think about writing. The other day, while I was in my car, I heard a song that reminded me of a character in my first (unpublished) novel. I thought of him all the way home, and sporadically a few times afterward.

Which brings me to another subject boring to many of us: other people’s dreams. I guess because he stayed at the edges of my waking thoughts, this morning just before I woke up, he and four other of those characters came to me as if to show me how their lives had turned out after the final page I typed (and edited) so many years ago. It was lovely and comforting to see them, to think of their lives as they continued somewhere deep in my subconscious.

I miss them all.


In 2015 I agreed with People Magazine’s choice of David Beckham as the Sexiest Man Alive, and not just because we share a nickname. Besides his great athletic career, he’s a devoted family man and a philanthropist. What’s not sexy about that?

Some people might think his little namesake is not quite as handsome, but he’s sure as fortunate. He was saved from death row; now he’s gone to find his forever family in the Badger State. And his foster mom Judy made sure he took a little bit of Texas along with him. Happy Trails and Tails, Beckham!

Button Sunday

Wanna play? Name ten of your favorite things in no special order.

1. Anime’s yodel.
2. Delta’s ears.
3. Time with friends.
4. Tom’s stroganoff.
6. Iced coffee. Frozen coffee. Coffee.
7. RPM transports.
8. All my family and all their dogs.
9. Listening to people reminisce.
10. Music.

Strut Your Mutt!

Rescued Pets Movement is proud to be part of Best Friends’ annual Strut Your Mutt fundraising event. We’re hoping to stay in first place with our fundraising campaign, and we know we’ll have a lot of fun at the October 15 Strut Your Mutt day in Houston. Come out and join us!

If you can’t join us, you can still donate. This year, I didn’t form my own team. Instead, I donated to Timothy J. Lambert’s team. He would LOVE for you to help him reach his fundraising goal. You can go to his team page and read why this matters to him and even donate by clicking here: Houston: Timothy Lambert.

Thank you for helping us take Houston’s dogs and cats (and so far, two PIGS!) from death row to loving homes. We will always work to save them all!

Photo Friday, No. 518: Day 7

Current Photo Friday theme: Seven Day Challenge

Unfinished Project 7: Leisure Time. I once had this vision of friends sitting with me around the table on winter evenings and Craft Nights, a fire in the fireplace, while we colored and talked and listened to good music. Time to color? Ha! That’s as crazy a concept as a “winter evening” in Houston.

The current Photo Friday theme involves taking photos of anything for seven days. I’ll be posting seven days of photos that I’m calling Unfinished Projects.