Transport Thursday

Beautiful, sunny but cold, transport day. We had the usual amazing dogs and cats, fantastic fosters and volunteers, the mandatory photos of strong men holding tiny puppies, a foster who looks like a Miss America contestant… Funny staff moments. Dogs who turn their butts to me.

This week I’m sharing one of the group shots. The group shot is my reward to myself every transport, and though you may not be able to see that Debby is holding the number “6,” it’s in honor of the van behind one of the best groups of people you could ever know. After a year, thanks to donors and grantors, we were able to replace Van 1, lost in the wreck last January. The vans and their drivers are a vital part of what RPM does–the “movement” part of Rescued Pets Movement. It’s a sign of hope and commitment to invest in a new van.

Last year to help us move all the dogs and cats we were saving, one of our rescue partners offered us their van to use. Its owner was a man named Dean, so we always called it “Dean Van.” We subsequently purchased it but kept the name. So now we have Vans 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6, along with Dean Van.

Vans 4 and 5, left to right.

Right to left, behind the cars, are Vans 3, 2, and just a little bit of Dean Van.

That’s how we roll!

And now…

…let us pause for a moment to honor drywall.

That familiar view of the living room, with an appearance by Tom and Just Jack.

A little of the library.

You’ve seen this angle of the library before. Only now the dogs’ secret passageway has been blocked. Don’t think they didn’t notice, because they did. Anime has explored the entire house because like the late great Margot, she is not a fan of change. But as the sweetest dog, she forgives everything.

The other side of that wall, the dining room from a few posts previous.

Another view of the library. Eventually we’ll have a new front door.

We can no longer see light through the lower walls of our bedroom where light should not have been coming in.

The guest room. Because one day, we’ll have guests again. If Jack doesn’t scare them away.

The middle room. Like the middle child (Delta), it probably gets less blog exposure. Also like the middle child, it can be very charming. One day that will be true again.

There’s not a way to measure the happiness that seeing this progress on Houndstooth Hall gives me. But I can say when I was talking to Keith Our Contractor the other day about paint colors, he said it made him happy to see me smiling. I think I’m doing a lot more of that. =)

That one wall of the living room

How it was just before we moved in, early 2015.

Tom and I picked that accent wall color because we wanted something our Rothko print (thanks, Amy!) would look good against (hi, little foster dog Raina!):

How it looked this morning:

See that big roll on the right? That is insulation!

Yes, that was put in today, and tomorrow, the drywall crew begins. PROGRESS AT LAST!

never caught up

Despite the chaos that is my home and the abysmal state that is my health, I’ve been able to keep up with work thanks to my co-records maven. I’ve even completed a special project for my boss that made him happy.

However, observe:

The brown binder on the left has the bills I need to pay. The green files in the middle are all the transport photos since the second week of October I haven’t been able to get to. The box on the right contains the holiday cards that I vowed (in vain) would be finished and mailed before Martin Luther King Jr. Day.


Transport Thursday!

Every Thursday I think again, “This must be the most amazing bunch of dogs and cats we’ve ever transported!” I never get tired of seeing the animals who’ve had so many advocates who want to make sure they get good homes. I wish I could say that the stories that grab our heartstrings are rare ones, but they happen all the time. Like Ginger’s story.

Ginger was brought to the shelter to be euthanized. She probably can’t hear or see well, and she’s 14 years old. BARC immediately began looking for help for her. She was scared and confused. Even with her vision and hearing problems, though, she came right out of the kennel to be loved and petted. One of our extraordinary Colorado rescue partners jumped at the chance to find this sweet senior a good home.

There is no doubt in my mind that Ginger’s new forever family is at the end of her journey to Denver. Happy life, sweet girl.

ETA: Less than 24 hours after arriving in Colorado, Ginger was adopted by a vet tech. She’s going to be very loved and taken care of.

Write your own storyline?

In the past when I’ve been sick and set up my laptop to work from bed (it’s crazy to realize the first time I did this was in 2007 when my fractured vertebrae hurt so bad I was immobilized, but I digress), not only do I work, but I watch my comfort movies.

But all the DVDs are in storage and my current Netflix attention span is about a twenty-minute episode of something…

If I was sure Jack wouldn’t eat them, I could bring the Funkos from my comfort movies over and write my own storyline. But then again, that’s the slippery slope to bad fan fiction turning into bad movies I never want to see.

They don’t look like they want that, either.