Transport Thursday!

At least two of the reasons to feel good on transport morning.


It has been so much fun to be out and about and see Houstonians happy and celebratory. If ever a city needed a boost…and baseball delivered, even to those of us who aren’t normally baseball fans.

Also, it’s great to be a big pig named Astro, the fourth pig transported by RPM to a new home where he’ll be allowed to live a good, long life.

And sometimes it’s the big things

Remember that thing about how I’m NOT SUPPOSED TO BUY ANYTHING because the goal is to empty, not fill, the house right now?

That shit goes right out the window when Tom and Tim find a one-of-a-kind piece of furniture that is going to fit right in with my new decorating scheme when I set up my home office again. But I swear, this is the LAST DAMN THING that comes into the house until all the repairs are done.

In fact, four pieces of furniture are about to leave the house to go to an upholsterer for recover and repair. As soon as I can find an upholsterer. Are you in Houston? Can you recommend one?

It’s the little things

I love pencils. Mechanical pencils are okay, but I like old-fashioned wood pencils best. The problem is that I always run out of eraser before I run out of lead, and also, old pencils have old erasers that kind of suck.

So these babies are the BEST THING EVER for a pencil lover like me. This package will last a long time, and the erasers will still be just as clean and useful.

Couldn’t resist

I’m supposed to be moving things OUT of the house in preparation for the crew to come in and begin installing insulation and sheetrock. But ultimately, I just couldn’t resist this little tin trike. I don’t even know why, but it could be the first whimsical purchase I’ve made since the flood.

It has a really smooth ride. Jack is not impressed so though I’d like to photograph him on it, HE WILL NOT HAVE IT.

Transport Thursday!

Longtime readers may remember the days when I was a fashion designer for dolls. I often used socks as dress material. If I had more time, I’d link to some of those creations. But mostly I wanted to show you that one of RPM’s great foster moms Mary Jean had the same idea for chihuahua sweaters.

Fashion forward Caliope.
Connie has mastered pensive model face.

I think this is a fabulous idea. I haven’t pitched it to Just Jack just yet…

it feels like it will never be clean enough

Some of the things you end up getting after a flood.

An industrial mop bucket to go with the massive mop Jess and Pete brought when they came to save the day.

An I’m-not-even-kidding-I-will-conquer-that-bayou-flooded-tile floor cleaner to use in the apartments.

A new Dyson to replace the one drowned in the flood. It’s pretty and skinny and fierce like Heidi Klum.