World Book Day

April 23 is World Book Day, certainly a day I can support. What are you reading?

This has been my day with books so far:


I finished re-reading this book from 1985. I pulled it from the shelf because I couldn’t remember it. I do remember going through a big Ann Beattie phase in the 1980s, however.







I started this one that’s been on my Nook for a while. I love this series and will always be grateful to Murder By The Book for introducing me to Alan Bradley.



This children’s book is on the way to me at the suggestion of Timmy, and I’m looking forward to reading it. Honestly, it had me at “Tupelo.”




Debby and I sent this one to Geri as part of her belated birthday package. It was the only one in the shop where I bought it, so I had to order one for myself since it charmed me. Maybe I can find a way to make it charm you, too.


Y’all, almost nine years ago, I blogged one of my rambling, nostalgic posts about plastic cars. Go ahead; you know you want to relive those halcyon days when I had the time to write about nothing in some Seinfeldian way and also when there was a Hump Day Happy. I’ll wait.


Guess what I found on eBay? Work is crazy busy so I can’t play with them, but they are little and cheap and just as I remembered them and wanted them to be. I know an eBay seller who’s going to get ALL the stars for all the cars.