Craft night-ready!

I don’t understand how a shopping trip for an umbrella stand turned into vintage chairs. But I like their quirky legs and the funky reupholstery fabric, all of which make me feel that I just time traveled back to the 1970s. Plus the dealer reduced their cost by a third. Can’t beat that!

When the kitchen is restored and I have a sink and a stove again, I think we may just need to have our first Craft Night in seven months so we can all test the comfort of the new chairs. It’ll still be quite a while before the craft room/office is back in use. It’s a big mess right now.

Every time there’s a hard rain, we are up again in the middle of the night dealing with water coming in at one side of the room. It’s kind of strange that during those times when Tom and I are mopping water out of our house, pulling up wet towels and replacing them with dry ones, we retain a weird sense of humor about it all. The new standard is, “It’s not like it’s fifty inches of rain. We’ll deal.”


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