Now he can watch all his shows in comfort

Here it is, the FIRST thing I promised I’d get Tom when we could start refurnishing the house. His replacement recliner.

Still plenty of work to do in the living room, but we’ll get there. Just around the corner from the couch (which desperately needs its leather rubbed down), we have decided to move the smaller table that had been in the library into the dining room. Those are our old dining room chairs. We haven’t decided yet whether to use them or use the chairs that go with this table (the table and chairs were my parents’, and we’re lucky we could save them). This table can be expanded–it has two leafs–but we like the feeling of space in there.

Because the OTHER table that had previously been in the dining room is larger and so are the new-to-me chairs I told you about. Next blog post…

Last night we had my birthday dinner out (remember? no stove? no sink? no kitchen?) with Tim, Debby, Lynne, Rhonda, and Lindsey. We had so much fun. I got lots of good stuff (now that I allow people to give me stuff again, BUT NOT TOO MUCH–still on the purging kick that will resume when we start pulling stuff out of storage). It was mostly books. There’s always room for books.

And Debby gave me the beautiful flowers. It was a lovely birthday.


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  1. I have some things for the b’day … but I am waiting for the okay … Also something for poor Tom!

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