Best birthday morning that could be

Today I dreamed I woke up in my bedroom. It was right for the first time in seven months. It had walls with fresh paint. It had new floors. The ruined furniture had been replaced. My clothes had been neatly folded into my new chest of drawers, and Tom had a matching chest of drawers. My clothes hung in the closet, and the shoes I still owned were in shoeboxes. I had an interesting new dresser. All that was missing was the art that should be hanging on the walls.


Our bed is back where it belongs. It survived and so did my nightstand. Tom’s nightstand did not, but Debby gave him a new one for his birthday in December.

We lost our dresser and armoire in the flood. If our replacement chests of drawers look familiar, it’s because they are the same as the ones Tim bought after he had to refurnish his apartment. I never found any that I liked as much, and he said it was okay if I chose the same ones. I purged a TON of clothes (all donated), and now everything fits into my chest of drawers and one closet.

A closet! I have a closet again! I’m not pulling my clothes out of cardboard boxes. And I have a deal with myself. Every time I buy an article of clothing, an article of clothing must be donated.

This is my new dresser. It used to be Lynne’s TV stand, and when she sold her house and was downsizing furniture, I told her I wanted it and she gave it to me! I haven’t decided exactly how to use it yet, and I need to buy a mirror to hang over it. But we love the metal and wood look–Tom’s nightstand is also metal, and the legs of the chests of drawers are metal. I told you after Debby and Tim began refurnishing there would be a post-Harvey theme: lots of metal because it is not a happy thing to see your ruined wood furniture being carried from your house to the curb.

Eventually the art will return from storage and the bedroom will be as it should be. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!


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