More progress

The contractors have finally pulled our kitchen cabinets in preparation for a lot of things. First, everything behind and under the cabinets has to be treated for mold. There really isn’t much mold, considering the flood happened seven months ago, but now it’s being dealt with.

Second, we think the flooding shorted out parts of the electrical system on the dishwasher. It will still work, but only on one setting which is like three hours long. I may be exaggerating. But still, insanely long. The guy who came and inspected the dishwasher for the insurance company said it was okay, and it was only afterward that we realized it wasn’t working right. Nobody liked this dishwasher anyway. So it’s gone, and a new one will be delivered in the next week or so that’s better suited to our smaller loads and infrequent use of a dishwasher (usually only after dinners here with friends).

Third, I never liked the stove that was here when we moved in. It was electric, which was fine, but the range top was glass, and I was warned not to use my iron skillets on it. NEVER TELL A SOUTHERN WOMAN WHO COOKS THAT SHE CAN’T USE HER IRON SKILLETS. So they’ve only been used in the oven for cornbread and such since we moved into the house. Now that they pulled the cabinets (and this is tricky with granite, but they did a great job), the plumber will install a gas line to the stove area, so I’ll be getting a new gas stove with a regular stovetop. BACK TO IRON SKILLETS, BITCHES. Also, it’s oddly hard to keep those glass tops clean. Maybe with the gas stove, I’ll cook more AND have a cleaner kitchen. HA HA HA HA HA.

When the new cabinets come, they’ll be a surprise. Tom and I made a bold decision we hope works out. I’m saving the reveal for their installation. =)

Meanwhile, here are the cabinet doors and drawer fronts and pull out shelves from the old cabinets.

Today the quarter round is down throughout the house and tomorrow we can start seriously moving various pieces of furniture back into their rightful places. In fact, we’re going to get a very important piece of furniture today. Stay tuned!


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