Transport Thursday!

As you know, I don’t usually post photos of our volunteers and fosters, just the rescued animals, on Thursdays. I believe I have featured Angelita (also known as Angel) on my blog before, but I was so excited to see her today that I really wanted to feature her again. Here she is with her fosters Whitney, Winky, and Wynne.

These pups had a few health issues to deal with, so it was wonderful to see them on their way today. However, the reason I’m sharing them and Angelita is because not only did I get the chance to thank her in person for something, but I get to let you know what a difference she made to our family after Harvey’s floods.

Before the rains came, Angelita had recently married and moved into her new home with her husband. She delayed putting her previous home up for sale and offered it for our use, free and clear, when she saw on Facebook how we’d been impacted by the flooding. Angelita is the reason Timothy and his dogs Pixie, Penny, and Pollock had a wonderful roof over their heads for a couple of months until they could return to a restored Fox Den. It gave us all some space, enabled Tim’s dogs to be with him–and if you have companion animals, you know how necessary they are to your morale in difficult times–and kept Tim and Jack apart (necessary for a peaceful home for us all!).

We have long known that Angelita really is an angel because of the level of care and commitment she gives to animals in need. We will always be grateful to her for being our personal angel, as well.


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  1. I am so glad you had such a wonderfully kind and generous angel on your side taking care of what she could.. thank her for me.

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