I concede defeat

Back in the days when I used to do things in a more timely manner, once all the holiday/Christmas cards were mailed, I’d put the official year’s photo on my blog. I can’t remember the last batch of cards that went out–I think they were around Valentine’s Day?–then I had to put everything in a box to get the clutter off my desk. Whereupon the old adage “out of sight, out of mind” kicked in. Whatever cards went out are probably it for the season. I could wait until July to post this, since our current plan is to aim for Christmas in July as our official gift exchange season. But this year is not a year to believe plans are realistic. SO… here’s our “it rained a lot in 2017” photo if you didn’t receive one in the mail.

Tom holding Jack, me with Anime and Delta on leashes, Debby holding Stewie with Harley on the leash, and Tim with Pixie, Penny, and Pollock. Thanks, Lynne, for the photo!

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