A day late

Yesterday was Debby’s birthday, but she wasn’t having a good one. First, a trip back to Houston from Ohio, where she’d gone to be with the family of a friend who died, took twelve hours instead of six. Second, she is super sick (ETA: later found out she has pneumonia!).

Today Tom and I gave her a birthday dinner, and Tim and Lynne joined us, so Debby could have her traditional coconut cake. (I cheated and frosted half of it with chocolate.) One day the upheavals at Houndstooth Hall may actually be over, and everyone will be well again. No matter what, though, there are always things to celebrate!

(P.S. Debby’s fakin’ it; Tim blew out the candles to save Debby’s lungs and protect us all from germs.)

Lynne found the perfect T-shirt for her: “Southern Attitude: Extra Sweet, Extra Sassy.” That’s Debby!


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