Transport Thursday!

There are no words I can say more powerful than these photos. I’m sorry, because I know the first one is painful to look at.

This is Tiger, a dog RPM pulled from BARC the last day of November. His foster, Susan, will always take the mange babies. They are her mission and passion. When she got Tiger, he was not only emaciated and covered in sores, he had given up.

You can follow Tiger’s entire journey to healing by going to his own Facebook page. Susan not only gave him the best care, she documented it up to and including his trip to Colorado. For one weekend, she’s become a Rescued Pets Movement driver so she can personally deliver Tiger to his new foster home while he waits for his forever family.

This is the image I want to leave you with–a shot I took of Tiger today. Thank you Susan, thank you BARC, RPM, and DCCR for giving Tiger everything he’ll need to grow into a beautiful, strong, happy adult dog. One day I hope his new family will send a photo of Tiger with the light in his eyes that means he knows he’s home and will be given only love from now on.


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