And now…

…let us pause for a moment to honor drywall.

That familiar view of the living room, with an appearance by Tom and Just Jack.

A little of the library.

You’ve seen this angle of the library before. Only now the dogs’ secret passageway has been blocked. Don’t think they didn’t notice, because they did. Anime has explored the entire house because like the late great Margot, she is not a fan of change. But as the sweetest dog, she forgives everything.

The other side of that wall, the dining room from a few posts previous.

Another view of the library. Eventually we’ll have a new front door.

We can no longer see light through the lower walls of our bedroom where light should not have been coming in.

The guest room. Because one day, we’ll have guests again. If Jack doesn’t scare them away.

The middle room. Like the middle child (Delta), it probably gets less blog exposure. Also like the middle child, it can be very charming. One day that will be true again.

There’s not a way to measure the happiness that seeing this progress on Houndstooth Hall gives me. But I can say when I was talking to Keith Our Contractor the other day about paint colors, he said it made him happy to see me smiling. I think I’m doing a lot more of that. =)


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